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What is Rank & Style?

Rank & Style simplifies shopping by bringing you unbiased, data-driven Top Ten lists of the best fashion and beauty products.

While there is no shortage of fashion and beauty-related chatter out there, we are often overwhelmed by the infinite options and unanswered questions: what clothes to covet, which beauty products to use, and where to buy the best?...

In a quest to find answers, we often get stuck in an endless maze of Google searches, user reviews, editors’ picks, fashion blogs, style magazines and, of course, our friends’ opinions. Now imagine if a website did all of that work for you and created concise, objective Top Ten lists that rank the ten best items in the category you’re shopping for…

….Enter Rank & Style, a new web and mobile platform that does all the research for you. Rank & Style Top Ten lists are created utilizing an algorithm that methodically researches and aggregates data (user reviews, bestseller lists, editorial recommendations and expert product reviews) from the department stores, boutiques, fashion blogs and style magazines you trust. Delivered to your inbox, each list captures the Top Ten items within a defined fashion or beauty category to help you find the best products based on their popularity, quality, value, trendiness and “buzz” factor. Read more about our algorithm here.

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