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Tara launched her blog, Tara Michelle Brose, in 2015 as a way to share her personal style, love for fashion & all things beautiful, her career as a model in NYC, and her obsession with travel and experiencing new things. Together with her husband, Zach, she lives in Williamsburg Brooklyn and the two of them travel at any chance they get. Tara has a degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in fashion merchandising and product development. She started modeling full time in 2012, and has since built an extensive portfolio of print modeling, fit modeling, runway, commercial and film work, showroom modeling and more. Tara Michelle Brose has become Tara’s outlet for sharing her fashion expertise and passion for life with the world. Her dedication to staying true to herself and her belief that life should be lived to the fullest have propelled her blog forward, and she continues to blaze a trail for the fashion lovers, the wanderlusters, and the modern woman to follow! You can keep up to date with Tara by following her on Instagram, Twitter, and FaceBook