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After leaving a high-end design firm in Utah where Brooke was a designer, store buyer and manager for over 15 years, Nesting with Grace was born out of a need to create and achieve something daily in our new home in Connecticut. It is a way for her to connect with others and share her passions. Her family of five lives in a small 1950’s cape that is about 1100 square feet. Their neighborhood beach is a major source of inspiration along with New York City that is about an hour train ride away. Brooke blogs about three times a week. Anything from the changes she makes to their home, home decor Inspiration, paleo recipes, and anything that brings her joy. Her mission is to create a home with purpose, no matter the size or budget and show others they can do it too! Be sure to check out Brooke’s Insatgram and Facebook page, and shop her 10 essentials below! Opening image: