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Kelli J. Bartlett joined GLAMSQUAD as the Director of Makeup Artistry, bringing a decade of experience on red carpets, runways and editorial fashion pages. Kelli cultivated an elite clientele while artist and manager at an industry-leading cosmetics company where she fine-tuned her work, which has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, US Weekly and Vanity Fair, among others. At GLAMSQUAD, Kelli is responsible for the rigorous vetting and training of all GLAMSQUAD makeup artists as well as keeping the GLAMSQUAD Makeup Menu outfitted with wearable, on-trend beauty looks. Making women look and feel beautiful, combined with superior customer service, are hallmarks of Kelli’s work. Follow Kelli’s glamorous adventures on Twitter and Instagram, and keep up with GLAMSQUAD on Twitter, Instagram and their app, which brings expert stylists to your door in just a few clicks! 

And more with Kelli J. Bartlett…

What is your most favorite holiday tradition?

My most favorite holiday tradition is my family’s Christmas eve party. Every year, my family invites everyone we know to dress their holiday best and spend the night before Christmas singing carols, sipping cocktails and reading The Night Before Christmas

What is your favorite holiday meal?

Christmas dinner. Everyone makes something, we all pitch in! I always look forward to my Nana’s stuffing.

What is your favorite holiday dessert recipe to bake?

My favorite holiday dessert to bake is coronation tarts. They are small butter tarts filled with raspberry jam and were originally served at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth!

What do you love most about the holidays?

I love the energy! The hustle and bustle of New York City shoppers, running into shops to score the best gifts, and buzzing to holiday parties looking GLAM!

The best holiday present you’ve received?

A Cognac leather jacket from the girls in my life!

Your best holiday shopping tips:

HYDRATE! Wear comfortable shoes and keep your hands free! Make sure you pack (in your crossbody purse) a lip balm and hand cream. Jetting in and out of stores, your body experiences lots of climate changes and you don’t want your lips to chap or your hands to crack.

Cocktail of choice:

A glass of rosé champagne.

Skincare product you can’t live without:

I cannot live without Clé de Peau eye cream.

Favorite pizza topping:

Artichoke, spinach and cheese is my go-to.

One piece of advice you would give your 18 year old self:

You are EXACTLY who you are supposed to be. Don’t fight it!