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Talking Top Tens: Lindsay Avner

Founder and CEO, Bright Pink®


Lindsay Avner is the founder and CEO of national non-profit Bright Pink® – an organization on a mission to save women’s lives from breast and ovarian cancer by empowering them to live proactively at a young age. Bright Pink’s innovative programs educate and equip young women and the medical professionals who serve them to reduce risk for breast and ovarian cancer or detect these diseases early while they’re still treatable. Lindsay has been featured as a women’s health thought-leader in the Chicago Tribune, MSNBC, Women’s Health Magazine, and CNN and was recently recognized as one of Crain’s Chicago Business “40 Under 40”. Through Bright Pink, Lindsay has sparked a nation movement of women putting breast and ovarian cancer Awareness in Action™. Follow Lindsay on Twitter and Instagram.

And more with Lindsay Avner…

One piece of advice you would give your 18 year old self:

Slow down and enjoy the ride. 

Your most recent culinary discovery and obsession:

Nail color currently on your hands and feet:

Waltz by Essie - classic & clean.

The skill or sport you’re dying to learn:

Paddle tennis. I played tennis in high school and I hear it is a great social sport. 

Your longest lasting friendship?

My friend Darya, who I met when I was 14 on a teen tour out west. We have never lived in the same city but have remained extremely close. 

Your last takeout order:

Gluten-free pizza on Friday night. 

You decompress each day by:

Working out. I try to sweat at least once a day!

Your go-to power outfit:

A black long sleeve dress and pumps.

Your last great read:

Crashing Through– about a blind man whose sight is restored. Reminds you of what is possible!

Go-to workout song on your most recent playlist:

Missy Elliot - Pass That Dutch. This year’s Superbowl made me remember how much I love her!