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Talking Top Tens: Taryn Fixel

Founder, Ingredient1


Taryn Fixel is the founder of Ingredient1, which is transforming the way people discover healthy food. The Ingredient1 mobile app is a unique lens to discover foods you’ll love, see friends’ recommendations, and learn where those products are sold. Prior to ingredient1, Taryn was an investigative and documentary producer for CBS News and CNN. Follow Ingredient1 on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

And more with Taryn Fixel…

Your greatest achievement:

I was the first national producer to start reporting on Ryan Ferguson’s wrongful arrest and subsequent in a murder case. That initial involvement led to a series of investigative reports by CBS that aided the overturning of his conviction and eventual exoneration. It helped me to realize that small every day actions really can ripple effects beyond imagination.

What do you love most about your work?

I love that we help people feel a sense of expansion and positivity about food, regardless of any restrictions they may have. And that we help natural and organic business owners succeed.

One piece of advice you would give your 18 year old self:

Stop worrying. It’s a waste of mindspace that won’t get you closer to your goals. Life’s challenges and blessings are all more interesting and more complex than what you can imagine today.

Your dream dinner party guest:

Nora Ephron. She was a renaissance woman, constantly reinventing herself, and had similar passions - journalism, storytelling, food. I would have loved to have her as a mentor.

Your go-to power outfit:

Black pants, black tank top, white jacket. Awesome shoes. The shoes are most important because they define the outfit.

The beauty product found in your bag at all times:

Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets. They help me look fresh for meetings when I’ve been on the subway and on the go for 16 hours.

Your motto in life:

Everything, Absolutely Everything happens for my greater good.

Your favorite restaurant for brunch and your go-to order:

The Public House – tea smoked lox with poached eggs. I ditch the bread for their quinoa hashbrowns.

At 9am each day, you are…

Walking through the farmers market on my way into the office. There I see everything I need to see to get me excited for the day – shoppers looking for something special, small business owners we want to succeed, the entire food ecosystem can be felt there.

Your biggest fashion faux pas, or a regrettable style phase:

When I was ten, I thought oversized T-shirts with bike shorts was an adorable look. It was the 80s and I was 10, but my mom was a fashion designer, so really there’s no excuse.