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Talking Top Tens: Jac White

CEO, Savoteur


Jac White is the CEO of Savoteur, one of the fastest growing digital media brands for premium audiences around the world. Formerly Daily Secret, a daily email digest delivering insights into things to do in your city, Savoteur has rebranded and relaunched into an online publication and newsletter celebrating what makes our cities rich and unique. Its core passions are food, music, art, culture, nightlife, style and travel. Prior to Savoteur, Ms. White was VP of Strategic Partnerships at LearnVest, a NYC venture backed financial education and advisory platform. Ms. White also served as Sales Director at DailyCandy, the woman’s lifestyle newsletter. As Director of Digital Planning and Development at The New York Times, she led the go-to market strategy for revenue related opportunities. Jac splits her time between New York City and Europe. Follow Savoteur on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

And more with Jac White…

Your current Netflix addiction:

Orange is the New Black. I love that I can watch on my own time, and as many episodes as I want. Who has the patience to wait for a new episode every week? The only downside is that I end up binge watching my way through a whole season way too quickly. 

Favorite Instagram account to follow:

@savoteurco is my daily travel and wanderlust inspiration. We feature the most amazing destinations and things to do sent from travelers all across the globe! 

What do you love most about your job?

Daily Secret is all about discovering the best of food, shopping, nightlife, and music around the world. I love traveling, meeting new people, and being able to share our finds with our readers. 

Midnight snack of choice:

Waffles with peanut butter and syrup. My husband introduced me to this magical combination. If I’m eating at midnight, there will be some serious snacking going on! 

Skincare product you can’t live without (and why):

Sunscreen. Growing up in South Florida, I learned the value of good skin protection early on. Ladies, if you want to keep your skin looking young, find and wear a SPF every day. Even in the winter!

Your motto in life:

Know what you want. Believe in yourself. Be nice to others. 

On Sunday, we’ll find you wearing:

Isaora joggers (they are for men, but I love the fit and fabric), and a graphic print tee I picked up along the way. If we are going somewhere, I’ll throw on a Ralph Lauren cable-knit cashmere sweater and heels. 

You decompress each day by:

Playing with my Yorkie, Baxter, and talking to my husband. No matter what kind of day I’ve had, Baxter is always so happy to see me when I come home. He’s filled with joy. My husband and I will take him for a nice long way at night and catch up on our days. 

Your last takeout order:

Sushi - always sushi! I probably eat sushi for at least half of my meals - it’s delicious and healthy, and doesn’t give me a food coma in the middle of the day. 

Your (real life) hero and why:

My mom is my hero. She put so many of her own dreams on hold to raise us. She always supports us to do what makes us happy and follow our hearts.