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Talking Top Tens: Kerry Steib

Director of Social Impact at Spotify


Kerry Steib creates social change through music at Spotify. As the Director of Social Impact, she supports employee engagement programs, helps social action campaigns use music effectively, and builds partnerships with awesome non-profits. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and dog, Julep Meatball. Everyone can get involved at

And more with Kerry Steib…

Your biggest fashion faux pas, or a regrettable purchase/style phase:

For a few years, I wore these big embellished vests in every school picture. I still wear vests, but now they’re much more simple. 

Go-to workout song on your most recent playlist:

“Hold My Hand” by Jess Glynne. I pretty much only workout to pop music. 

Your motto in life:

I live by the (poorly quoted) phrase, “A man never steps in the same river twice. It’s never the same river and never the same man.” I believe in embracing change. It’s inevitable and can be quite powerful. 

You decompress each day by:

Running. I’m lucky that I actually enjoy it because it’s great for stress relief. I’ll often pick a new destination or route and try to get to know my neighborhood a bit better. 

The skill or sport you’re dying to learn:

I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf. You get to experience both the calm of floating in the ocean and the physical challenge of mastering the waves. 

Cocktail of choice:

I’m drawn to any cocktail with jalapenos or grapefruit in it. 

Your most quirky characteristic:

I’ve always carried books everywhere, including to family events during the holidays. 

Your longest lasting friendship?

I’m very fortunate to be really close with a group of girlfriends from childhood. We’ve not only grown up together, so you know each other’s deep histories, but we’ve also grown into ourselves together. They’re the most supportive, hilarious, and inspirational people I know. 

Midnight snack of choice:

My midnight snack would be either Sour Patch Kids or a glass of milk, but not together. That would be gross. 

What do you love most about your work?

I love the problem I get to solve every day - how do you take what Spotify is good at and apply it to social change? I’m inspired to create experiences and programs that use business principles to support social action.