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Talking Top Tens: Alice Hoffman

Author, Practical Magic


Alice Hoffman is the bestselling author of more than thirty novels including Practical Magic, The Dovekeepers, The Museum of Extraordinary Things, and most recently The Marriage of Opposites. She has also written books for children including Aquamarine, Green Angel and Nightbird. Check out her Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts for more information.

And more with Alice Hoffman…

Your real life hero and why:

Toni Morrison, the world’s greatest living writer. 

Your greatest achievement:

Helping to create the Hoffman Breast Center at Mt. Auburn Hospital in Cambridge. 

At 9 am each day, you are...

Walking my dog, Shelby. 

One piece of advice you would give your 18 year old self:

Have faith in yourself and don’t take life too seriously. 

Your most recent culinary discovery and obsession:

I love Boston’s great restaurant Rialto and chef Jody Adams. 

Your go-to power outfit:

Anything black, and Arche shoes, which are my favorite. 

Your dream dinner party guest:

Emily Bronte - how did she manage to write the great Wuthering Heights?

Which of the seven deadly sins, (wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony) are you guilty of?

All of them at one time or another.

Your celebrity crush and why?

Matt Damon, who does so much good in the world, and happens to be a great actor. 

Your favorite restaurant for brunch and your go-to order:

The White Elephant’s Brant Point Grill in Nantucket if I’m lucky enough to be on that island.