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Talking Top Tens: Jade Huang

CEO, StyleSage


Ex-fashion designer turned technologist, Jade Huang has 10+ years of award-winning digital strategy, design and technology experience. She is a frequent industry speaker and mentor. Most recently, she was a featured presenter at the 4th annual Financial Times Innovate America Forum, where StyleSage was named a top innovative startup. Jade studied fashion design at Parsons School of Design, and has a Bachelors in International Trade from Fashion Institute of Technology. She also has a MPA in International Economics from Columbia University, and a MBA from INSEAD where she was awarded the L’Oreal Scholarship for Creativity and Entrepreneurship Spirit. Check out her LinkedIn and Twitter for more information!

And more with Jade Huang…

Your biggest fashion faux pas, or a regrettable purchase/style phase:

6-inch platform space boots. I did really enjoy being over 6 feet tall in those though – you see so much more above the crowd!

Favorite Instagram account to follow:

@ligerthegreat. Best captions in the Instagram world. 

Your greatest achievement:

Aside from assembling IKEA furniture all on my own, I’d say recruiting a great co-founder and team to start StyleSage. 

What do you love most about your work?

First, the people. I love working with my team. They make everything we do so much more interesting and they challenge my thinking al the time. Second, the intellectual challenge. Growing up, I’ve always loved puzzles, and building an innovative data analytics product for a traditionally creativity-driven industry is a bit like solving a puzzle. The challenge keeps me interested and keeps me going. 

One piece of advice you would give your 18 year old self:

Flunking out of design school was the best thing you ever did for yourself - without which you would not have learned the value of hard work or have found your way to working in the technology sector. So...stay the course and don’t change anything about yourself. 

Your most recent culinary discovery and obsession:

Torchy’s Tacos in Austin, TX. The best breakfast tacos. Ever. 

Your dream dinner party guest:

John Oliver. Jon Stewart. Stephen Colbert. Please don’t make me choose. 

Your motto in life:

Ask permission later.

At 9am each day you are...

On a video call with my New York and Madrid teams.

If you weren’t the founder of StyleSage, you’d be...

A traveling food critic, writing about local eats around the world.