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Talking Top Tens: Marissa V. & Lauren S.

Co-founders, Negative Underwear


Marissa Vosper, originally from Boulder, CO, and Lauren Schwab, raised in NYC’s Upper West Side, met in undergrad while attending the University of Pennsylvania, bonding over their mutual love of style and design. After graduation, Marissa and Lauren decided to pursue their respective careers in brand consulting and finance but quickly began to miss the very thing that connected them: fashion. Beginning with late night classes at FIT while continuing to work full-time, the two aspiring founders learned as much as they could over the course of four years before deciding to dedicate their careers and know-how to solve a common everyday problem: finding lingerie that fit well, felt comfortable, but also made women feel beautiful. In 2013, the duo founded Negative Underwear (@negativeunderwear), which subsequently launched in February 2014.

And more with Marissa V. & Lauren S.…

What do you love most about your work?

Marissa: I love knowing that our brand makes women feel powerful/confident every morning and beautiful/comfortable every evening. I love knowing that we’re making a real difference in the lives of the women who wear Negative – that we’re not just another disposable fast fashion purchase. 

Lauren: I love being part of a company that focuses on connecting with, supporting and empowering women. I love that we’ve created a brand that encourages women to feel good about their bodies. 

Your biggest fashion faux pas, or a regrettable purchase/style phase:

Lauren: I still cringe a little bit when I think about it! I bought these expensive platform, super high, red patent leather shoes to wear with a specific dress. I knew when I bought them they weren’t me at all, but I needed something for my holiday party dress and took a risk. I was impossibly uncomfortable the entire night I wore them, and literally haven’t put them on since. 

Your most recent culinary discovery and obsession:

Lauren:Francis Mallman - He has such an incredibly romantic way of cooking and has totally changed my perspective on how to achieve true crispness...low and prolonged heat vs. high heat. 

Your dream dinner party guest:

Lauren: Esther Perel - I heard Esther speak at a conference two weeks ago and she was unbelievably captivating and helped reframe the way I think about my expectations of relationships. I have so many questions to ask her! 

A secret talent we should know about:

Marissa: Public speaking and debate. It’s a total nerd skill when you’re young but has proven SO valuable in life. My future children are absolutely joining the debate club – mandatory family requirement. 

Favorite Instagram account to follow:

Marissa: I’m obsessed with @alwayssssleep - partly for the gorgeous bed inspo, but mainly for the hilarious captions. 

You decompress each day by:

Marissa: Making Celestial Seasonings tea at home with my husband. Peppermint for me, Sleepy Time for him. 

Lauren: At some point every evening, I stop by my cousin’s apartment who lives in my building. We cook dinner, semi-watch some TV show (Friday Night Lights is happening right now), and pretty much laugh the entire time. It’s the perfect way to end my day. 

Your favorite restaurant for brunch and your go-to order:

Marissa: Sant Ambroeus for indulgence, Butcher’s Daughter for virtue. I get the croissant tartufato (truffled egg salad sandwich) and a cappuccino at Sant Ambroeus and a spicy kale caesar with a fried egg and an almond milk matcha latte at the Butcher’s Daughter. 

Your current Netflix addiction:

Lauren:Narcos - I travel to Medellin regularly to visit our factories. The show slightly terrifies me and is pretty gruesome, but I love learning about the Pablo Escobar years. I end up not being able to sleep while I’m there, but I think it’s worth it. 

The trend you hope never goes out of style:

Lauren: Oversized fur/faux fur coats. I love them!