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Talking Top Tens: Deepica Mutyala

On-Air Beauty Expert and YouTube Personality

Deepica Mutyala, On-Air Beauty Expert and YouTube PersonalityPin It!

Silk Robe

I live in this. I wear it maybe a little too much but it’s a good investment! Perfect for when you’re getting ready or just in life generally. I literally wear mine so much that I got called out on my Snapchat for it. LOL

And more with Deepica Mutyala…

What do you love most about your work:

The emails I get from people telling me that I’ve inspired them whether that be professionally or in their beauty routine... it means the world.

One piece of advice you would give your 18­-year­-old self:

In the wise words of Ms. Taylor Swift: “haters gonna hate, heartbreakers gonna break, but shake it off.” Also, trust your intuition more than you realize—you’re right about it. 

Skincare product you can’t live without:

Sheet masks! With all the traveling, my skin would not survive without them.

Go­-to workout song on your most recent playlist:

Anything DJ Khaled... don’t judge me! 

Your motto in life:

Be bold—both my life and beauty motto.

Your celebrity crush and why:

Beyonce, because she taught me that girls run the world and I mean it’s Queen B—who doesn’t have a crush on her?

On Sunday, we’ll find you wearing:

A long sleep tee... SO COMFY!

You decompress each day by:

A heavy body glass (or two…) of red wine. 

The trend you hope never goes out of style:

Sneakers!!!! I am awful at heels.

Where does your credit card get the most use:

UBER EVERYWHERE... FML. Also, Postmates... I really need to learn to cook!!!!!