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Talking Top Tens: Jessica Richards

Founder and Owner of SHEN Beauty


Jessica Richards, Founder and Owner of SHEN Beauty, was born in France and raised in Laguna Beach, California. She attended FIT where she earned her Bachelors degree in fashion merchandising and marketing. Following college, she landed a highly coveted position as a fashion assistant at Vogue. During her tenure, Jessica also grew her freelance styling portfolio with a clientele list of boldfaced names featuring notables in the music industry. Shortly thereafter Richards gave birth to her first son as well as the idea to create SHEN. After a jar of face cream shattered she was sent wandering Brooklyn in search of a suitable replacement and came up empty handed with the realization that there was “no beauty in Brooklyn.” The idea of SHEN was born. Putting her retail expertise to good use, the beauty destination became a reality in 2010. For more on Jessica and SHEN Beauty follow their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. 

And more with Jessica Richards…

Nail color currently on your hands and feet:

I have had Doux by JinSoon on my hands and feet since Memorial Day. I love the earthy tone and her polish is the best.

Fashion Faux Pas:

My biggest fashion faux pas was probably wearing rocket dog platform sandals in high school. I thought they were so cool then and now I look back and cringe.

Favorite Instagram account to follow:

My favorite might be @thesill I love it, so inspiring.

One piece of advice you would give your 18 ­year ­old self:

My one piece of advice I would give my 18 year old self would be go to business school not fashion school.

Skincare product you can’t live without:

The skincare product I can’t live without is 001 Marine Power concentrate because it makes me feel and look pretty.

Your motto in life:

My motto in life is “Black and white is always right." My right hand woman, Jill Freeman, has engrained this in me.

You decompress each day by:

A great glass of pinot noir.

The trend you hope never goes out of style:

The trend I hope never goes out of style is tie die! I wear it somewhere on my body almost every single day.

Cocktail of choice:

My cocktail of choice is a tranquillo. It’s a fizzy grapefruit tequila drink... all Shen girls are obsessed!

What’s the most exciting thing in your life right now:

The most exciting thing in my life right now is my newly found freedom of being single.