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Talking Top Tens: Maria Peevey

Founder and CEO of The Reset


Maria Peevey, a savvy entrepreneur, brand leader and industry disruptor is the Founder and CEO of The Reset—a digital homebase for a new generation of women who are choosing to do things differently. Fusing content, community, and commerce, The Reset fills a void for an authentic, inspiring, and relevant place for real women, by real women. It provides a fresh take on what modern life means, looks and feels like for the woman-in-progress. Maria recognized there was a void in the market for a brand that spoke a different kind of narrative. In a mainstream culture that focuses on millennials, The Reset is a destination that rejects old stereotypes and celebrates our life resets big and small. At the core of The Reset is the message that at any moment there is an opportunity for a reset. A refresh on life. Discover more from Maira by shopping The Reset’s line of wearable wardrobe essentials, R Label, following The Reset on Instagram, and scrolling through Maria’s top ten essentials. 

And more with Maria Peevey…

Your current netflix addiction:

Ozark with Jason Bateman. It’s a gripping story of a life in freefall—how his character’s impeccably furnished house of cards comes crashing down around him, forcing him to hatch a scheme to save his life. Love it.

What do you love most about your work:

Being personally inspired every day by other courageous, smart, and savvy women who are part of The Reset community embracing change and seeking to be the best they can be inside and out. Their desire to find new ways and means to be happier and healthier in their own lives truly motivates me.

One piece of advice you would give your 18­-year-­old self:

Believe in yourself and say “YES” in the face of a million “NO’s”. 

Midnight snack of choice:

Obsessed with frozen organic red grapes. I keep giant bags of them in the freezer for that healthy sugar fix that packs a serious antioxidant punch, my go-to treat with benefits.

Go-­to workout song on your most recent playlist:

Stole the Show by Kygo.

Your motto in life:

Make It Happen.

Your go-­to power outfit:

R Label Essential Trouser, R Label Silk Tunic, and R Label Perfect Moto, Sergio Rossi pumps, and a Celine tote.

Your whole day was just cancelled and your schedule is wide open, what do you do:

Put my dog in the car and head to the beach, hang out and listen to great music, have a picnic, and enjoy wine with friends until the sun goes down.

Something you never see going out of style is:

 Self confidence in a woman is the best style secret she has going for her.

What’s the most exciting thing in your life right now:

Building The Reset and our community of women who prove there’s nothing you cannot do if you want to change your life and be the best you can be at any age, size or time.