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Talking Top Tens: Brooke Taylor Corcia

Founder and CEO of The Dreslyn


Brooke Taylor Corcia is the Founder and CEO of The Dreslyn, an online specialty store delivering understated luxury for confident women. Her refined selection of apparel, beauty, home objects and accessories from emerging and established designers promotes natural beauty and timeless style. She runs the family-owned company from Los Angeles with her husband, Daniel Corcia, and brother, Brandon Taylor. Follow The Dreslyn on Instagram and Pinterest!

And more with Brooke Taylor Corcia…

Your current Nextflix addiction:

I cannot get enough of House of Cards. 

What you love most about your work:

I mostly feel grateful for being in a position where every day presents new challenges and opportunities and that I have the pleasure of working side-by-side with an incredibly talented, laid-back team.  

One piece of advice I would give to my 18-year-old self:

Listen more and follow your intuition, always. 

Your most recent culinary discovery and obsession:

CBD oil brownies. Dark chocolate infused with calming oils. Need I say more?

Skincare product I can’t live without:

The Nue Co probiotics for healthy skincare. For makeup, I use rms beauty—they’ve nailed the natural ‘glow’, along with cosmetics from MAKE.

Your motto:

Run your own race. 

Your last great read and why you enjoyed it:

Coming to My Senses: The Making of a Counterculture Cook by Alice Waters. Waters’ is an icon and her coming of age story behind the creation of Chez Panisse was inspiring. I resonated with how impressions of culture, friendships and travel led her to launch a business born from passion, will and the desire to communicate something larger through her work.

You decompress each day by:

I decompress by doing an hour of hot yoga to wind down the day. If I can’t get to class, a beautiful glass of red wine is the ticket. 

Something you never see going out of style is:

Respect and kindness.

What is the best gift you’ve ever received:

My parents. I’m adopted, and I could not be luckier to have been raised with so much love, compassion, and support throughout the years.