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Talking Top Tens: Jamie O’Banion of Beauty Bioscience

Co-Founder and CEO at Beauty Bioscience


Jamie O’Banion is the Co-Founder and CEO at Beauty Bioscience. Jamie grew up in the skincare industry learning from her biochemist father and saw the need in the retail space for the type of clinical-grade skincare they developed for plastic surgeons and dermatologists. She co-founded BeautyBio with her father and has expanded the brand globally with retail partners such as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Harrods, HSN, and QVC UK and Germany. She was recently featured in Forbes as one of four female entrepreneurs to watch in their issue highlighting the most successful female entrepreneurs in America. She was the recipient of the Rising Star Award from Fashion Group International and named both a Fresh Face of Fashion and Woman of Style by Modern Luxury Magazine. She is a respected lifestyle and beauty expert for broadcast media and is a requested beauty and lifestyle speaker nationally. Jamie resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband and three children.

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Your current Netflix addiction:

IF I ever were to watch TV, I would have a solid answer here! On rare occasions, my husband and I will watch Suits in the background while we are both busy cranking away on our laptops. I remind myself that we all have one pie (24 hours in a day) and I understand that we all need brain candy, but over the years I have really tried to cut out the extra fat. We only have so much time in a day and once you add up the hours you spend on your phone, watching TV, etc. it’s A LOT. I focus on taking care of my family first and then the rest of my bandwidth goes to my businesses.

What do you love most about your work:

Oh my gosh. This is so hard because I find so many parts to be fulfilling. For me— the most satisfying thing is being able to have an idea and watch the entire process unfold. From creation, to the shelf, to then seeing it be enjoyed by someone. It is unbelievably satisfying! I was just on HSN last weekend and the amount of sweet calls that came in made me think, “this is just amazing!” I will also say that the collaborative effort within my company is pretty special. We have all of our different offices Skype in during our all hands meetings and one employee actually ended up naming a product, which launches in Q1 of next year!

Your most recent culinary discovery and obsession:

I have a total sweet tooth. My day might include a kale juice in the morning, a healthy salad for lunch, and then sometime in the afternoon I will have a full on fudge packed brownie. I am extreme in all things in my life. I love discovering new sweets and I am currently LOVING Bird Bakery. I die for the salted caramel cupcake. In all honesty, you could most likely find sprinkles on my desk right now.

You decompress each day by:

Truly, I’m at a stage where I sooo love what I do that I have to say “ Hey. It’s 2am. Time to put my computer down and go to sleep.” It’s hard for me to turn it off. My absolute favorite moment is coming home after work and hearing the kids scream “mommy” when I walk through the door. They make me feel like I’m Beyonce even as imperfect as I am!! It’s not something that I would consider as decompressing, but it’s the best feeling to have and it reminds me that I have an incredible support team.

Nail color currently on your hands and feet:

I love gel polish! With all of my traveling, it never chips and stays looking pretty! I’m currently wearing Primrose & Proper which is that perfect blush nude. I get asked about this color the most! When I’m not wearing Gelish I’m usually wearing OPI Bubble Bath. Who doesn’t love that one!?

Favorite pizza topping:

You had me at truffle. I LOVE a great white truffle pizza. It is so good. Black truffle, white truffle, any truffle, you name it.

What is the best gift you’ve ever received:

When Aubrey was 3, (my daughter who just turned 8) she gave me the sweetest homemade bracelet the spelled out “I love you” in little beads. She said “mommy this is for you and you can always think of me when you’re gone.” I will always treasure that moment and it was really really sweet.

What’s the most exciting thing in your life right now:

The launch of our Core Collection!! It just went live and it’s really exciting. It’s currently at Neimans and will be at Nordstrom as well. It’s been so fun putting it together for the past two years and making sure every formula was perfect. My product development director can tell you how picky I am when it comes to perfecting product. From artwork, to packaging, to the product itself—everything!! Seeing it all come together has been so exciting.

On Sunday, we’ll find you wearing:

I am really faithful about going to church every week and it’s really important to my family and I. I have to re-center myself and fill my spiritual canteen and this allows me to do so. You can almost always find me in church attire for the first half of day and then in comfy clothes for the rest of the afternoon because we try to do something fun with kids such as a family bike ride.

At 9am each day, you are:

I am already in the office. I get up around 6am so our days start early. I’ll make breakfast for the kids and then we have our meal together. I love doing this, as it’s a great way to come together and enjoy everyone’s presence. We then read a bible verse for daily inspiration and say a little prayer. Then it’s off to school! As a working mom, I get a lot of questions about balance so girl power to those who know how to manage it all quite well!