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Talking Top Tens: Alex Snodgrass

Food Blogger of The Defined Dish


Alex Snodgrass is the food lover and blogger behind The Defined Dish and stay-at-home mom of two young girls. Although she mostly shares healthy, wholesome recipes; you’ll also find a little bit of everything on her page. Alex is all about balance and finding the best of both worlds in a healthy way! For more on Alex, be sure to follow her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

And more with Alex Snodgrass…

Favorite Instagram account to follow:

Oh, this is tough—so I will give you 3! I love @nocrumbsleft, @whatsgabycookin, and @primal_gourmet! So much inspiration!

Your biggest fashion faux pas:

Uhhh, definitely me in a romper. I am way too tall + I have a butt so it just doesn’t work for my figure.

Your current Netflix addiction:

My husband and I have been binge watching Stranger Things for the last week! Everytime I watch it I ask myself WHY am I watching this because it is so disturbing… but I just can’t stop!

What do you love most about your work:

That I can still be an involved mom to my little girls and I get to share my love of food with others!

One piece of advice you would give your 18­-year­-old self:

Quit caring so much about what other people think!!

Midnight snack of choice:

Chips and salsa, and the spicier the salsa the better! It just never gets old to me.

Skincare product you can’t live without and why:

Buca Botanicals Camellia and Rose Face Serum. It’s made my skin SO much healthier and glowy!

Go-­to workout song on your most recent playlist:

I am a weirdo and listen to the Hamilton Soundtrack when I workout… haha. All of the songs are amazing and a lot of them make me cry.

Your motto in life:

It isn’t a party without a meat and cheese platter! haha.

A secret talent we should know about:

I can’t believe I am even telling you guys this but I can do an incredible Cher impression. It’s a party trick I haven’t yet whipped out because I am way too afraid to sing in public, but maybe one day I will have the liquid courage to do it! haha!