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10 Best Hair Dryers Under $100

Listed / 08.02.16

Get Perfectly Dry And Beautiful Hair With These Under $100 Hair Dryers

You know that co-worker you have who shows up with damp hair every day that somehow dries perfectly on its own? Us, too—we wonder what life is like for such individuals. Sounds nice. If you’re like us, you need a dose of hot air to dry your locks, and then bring them to life. Which brings us to the top ten hair dryers under $100 out there. We’re not asking you to shell out the big bucks, and all of these dryers will dry your hair quickly without damaging it, the most important factor when it comes to hair dryers. They’re all got their specialties (some are made for those whose hair has already been damaged by heat and chemicals; others are geared towards cutting down on frizz) but they’ll all get the job done just the way you need morning, noon or night. 

  • “Rank and Style is always the first place I go to find the best products.

    I was never that person to spend hours reading reviews or browsing through options which usually meant I either didn’t buy the product or ended up buying the wrong one.” – Lauren, Tech Entrepreneur, 26

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