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How our algorithm works:

The Secret Sauce Behind Our Lists

Example #1: A (successful) experiment in finding the best lipstick:

  • Step 1: Overwhelmed

    We’ve all been there. Wardrobe woes, beauty product boredom, shopping paralysis, confused by online choices, inundated with in-store options... You’re on the hunt for the perfect new lipstick and the world is your (overwhelming) oyster. Where to begin, when all you know is where you want to end up... with the best lipstick!

  • Step 2: Mix

    Enter the Rank & Style laboratory where science meets style, shopping is simplified and... the best fashion and beauty products are found!

    Using our algorithm to crawl the internet (so you don’t have to!) and obsessively, compulsively and, most importantly, objectively, searching for user reviews, bloggers’ tips, best-seller lists, editors’ picks, celebrity favorites, and industry recommendations, Rank & Style collects all the relevant information for your seemingly impossible mission of finding the *best*. After all these “ingredients” are gathered, our algorithm further aggregates, weighs and cross-references the data to identify the ten best items.

  • Step 3: Breathe

    You breathe a sigh of relief and excitement-With minimal effort and a lot of science, a conclusive, comprehensive and unbiased list of the Top Ten lipsticks is born! Rest assured, your quest for the best starts (and ends) with Rank & Style.

    Know, want and have only the best... and shop happily ever after.