A Data-Backed Approach For Better Shopping

The Rank & Style Algorithm

We pride ourselves on being the most trusted resource for helping busy people shop and buy products they love. This is why we use an algorithm to ensure everything we recommend is unbiased and comes from a place of authenticity.

It’s also the reason we believe in being fully transparent about all aspects of our company—including exactly how we determine which products are the best on the internet.

In order for any product to be featured on Rank & Style, it must first meet the requirements set by our algorithm—a vetting process that allocates points based on consumer and industry data to score and rank products within a given category.

So, What Data Do We Factor In?




We pull verified user reviews from nearly 100 major retailers, factoring in the average rating as well as the total number of reviews for each product.




Next, we look at best-sellers from each of those retailers. The more popular the product, the more points it receives.



Industry Recognition—

We then take into account the number of times a product has earned recognition from reputable publications and industry professionals, and distribute points accordingly.



Social Buzz—

Last, we track social media platforms to determine which products are trending.


Final Score—

Once data has been collected, products are scored and ranked by our algorithm. Only the products with the highest scores are the ones we recommend.


Our Seal of Approval—

For a final seal of approval, our team of product experts examines each selection to ensure it most accurately and efficiently serves our readers.

As the e-commerce space grows and shopping behaviors change, so will our process. We’re always adapting and improving to make sure you can quickly and easily find the best.


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