The Interview — Nurse Jamie, Jamie Sherrill of Nurse Jamie Healthy Skin Solutions

Jamie Sherrill of Nurse Jamie Healthy Skin Solutions

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As a celebrity skincare expert and Registered Nurse, Jamie Sherrill is recognized as one of the top beauty professionals worldwide. While Jamie has been the owner of Beauty Park Medical Spa in Santa Monica, she has also worked for years as a consultant to some of the top spas around the world and garners a long list of celebrity clientele.

Her always-evolving knowledge of the latest innovations in beauty combined with her personable demeanor and medical fortitude make her the go-to girl for many celebrities. Many of Nurse Jamie’s clients repeatedly end up in features like People Magazine’s annual "Most Beautiful" list. Jamie is a regularly featured beauty expert on ExtraTV and E! News and is a frequent celebrity skin advisor for shows like The Doctors, Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian, The Today Show, Good Day LA, and VH1’s Hollywood Exes. She was also a series regular in the fifth season of The Simple Life with Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton as the resident nurse throughout the season.

Jamie’s love of beauty began as a teenager, thus allowing her the opportunity to view the multi-billion dollar industry firsthand from the ground up. She was hand-selected early on to be on an elite list of experts, a "technological task force" to test the latest in laser technological advancements. Her expertise has not only kept her at the forefront of medical aesthetic improvements, but she has also mastered the "injectable facelift," a combination of dermal fillers and paralytics, and is an instructor with CME Scholar/Allergan where she educates others on the latest innovations and proper techniques for administering Botox and Juvederm.

Armed with this expertise, Jamie has utilized her knowledge to create products to help clients fight the signs of aging, allowing them to put their best face forward. As a spa director in luxury locales like Abu Dhabi, and Cabo San Lucas, she is now recognized as a global brand, and her skincare products and expertise are now available throughout the world. Jamie lives in Pacific Palisades with her triplet children. Yes, triplets!

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November 18, 2019

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When did your journey with skincare begin and how did Nurse Jamie get its start?


You know, I have always lived for the makeover. Even doing my rotations in school, they don't just let you do cosmetic stuff—you have to do all types (geriatric, med surg floor, etc.). I had a fanny pack (which are back in style now) that had makeup in it, and I had a backpack with a hairdryer. When I did my patient care, in addition to giving out meds and taking your BP, I got you out of your hospital gown and put you in your own clothes if you had them. I would do your hair and sometimes apply makeup. You felt better if you were my patient. I think it's all connected—when you look good, you feel good; when you feel good, you work good; when you work good, you do good; when you do good, you live good.

I am a bit of a mad skin scientist and an artist, sculptor, and therapist all wrapped up into one. Your skin is an outfit you wear every day, and if you don’t care for it and use it properly, you lose its luster, elasticity, and your natural youthful glow. So I use a combination of the best technology, modalities, machines, and products to help customize programs for patient skincare. First and foremost, I am focused on skin health for clients, ensuring that they have a healthy, glowing complexion.


Can you walk us through a typical workday?


I built and run a best-in-class spa and skincare company because I believed the services and products were missing in the marketplace, and the “being my own boss” was something that came along with it. Days can be long, and I go from treating patients to testing products to designing tools. I experience everything first hand. I can always tell my patients exactly how something feels as I have experienced it myself on some level—I am my own alpha-test site. The best part of my day is coming home to my triplets yelling “Mommy! Mommy!” It can be a hectic workday, but it’s worth it. 

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Which Nurse Jamie products and procedures are most popular?


The Nurse Jamie UpLift and my Beauty Beauty Bear Pillow because side sleeping is the number three cause of premature aging. (Number one is UV damage—and now we have to think about HEV and blue light—and number two is smoking) Don't sleep on a wrinkle maker, AKA a traditional pillow. Use satin only and—like my Beauty Bear—a shape that will help you train to back sleep or at least keep the opening for your face so that the most delicate areas around the eyes, cheeks, and neck do not form permanent wrinkles.

Treatment popularity varies by season (booty lifting for summer, etc.) but skin tightening never goes out of style. There is no exercise for the skin, and we stop making new collagen naturally at 25, so sometimes you need help from your friend—the laser—especially on the back of the arms, inner thighs, and above the knees and elbows. There are a number of tightening lasers that can thicken those collagen fibers and cause the skin to adhere.


How does it feel to have so many celebrity clients?


It literally blows my mind. I must be good because I'm not that cool. Fans of Nurse Jamie include Jessica Alba, Lea Michelle, and Lisa Rinna.


What’s the biggest piece of skincare advice you give to your clients?


Think “maintain, not reclaim,” and always try to be preventative. I tell clients to think of the rules of eating that are good for your body—most apply to your skin as well. It is the largest organ of the body, so treat it like one. Be consistent with taking off makeup nightly. Use a hypoallergenic and antibacterial surface to cleanse your skin. Exfoliate regularly—manually or with a tool—but gently and consistently.


If you were to recommend buying just one product from the Nurse Jamie line, what would it be and why?


I think at-home beauty tools are the future of beauty. I can’t live without my Uplift Beauty Roller! It doesn't require batteries or charging, and you don't have to follow an acupuncture map to see results. It's super easy to use, and the best beauty tools are the ones that you will actually use.


What’s your skincare routine?


I am big on the "maintain not reclaim," and always use a beauty tool. My step-by-step at-home skincare routine is as follows:

STEP 1: cleanser - Nurse Jamie FormuL.A. Cream Cleanser

STEP 2: eye cream - Nurse Jamie FormuL.A. Eye Cream

STEP 3: treatment serums/creams for troubled areas

STEP 4: hydrating mask - I use my Nurse Jamie Hydratight

STEP 5: moisturizer- Nurse Jamie EGF Botanical Complex or FormuL.A. Face Cream

STEP 6: facial oil - like Nurse Jamie Miracle Base Beauty Oil or Platinum 3 Facial Oil

STEP 7: I use a beauty tool like my Nurse Jamie UpLift to optimize product absorption (for 3 mins on each side and where you feel you need the most love).


What are your go-to makeup products?


I love the Huda Beauty Desert Rose and the new Tati Beauty eyeshadow palettes.


How would you spend $20 at the drugstore?


I would grab some Blue Lizard SPF 30 because even on a cloudy winter day, 80% of UV rays reach the ground—don’t forget your sunscreen!


What’s next for Nurse Jamie?


I am always working on new products and investigating new raw ingredients, so there will be more on the horizon for 2020. I believe that the future of beauty starts at home. We will continue to launch at-home beauty tools and products, including the launch of Nurse Jamie Hand Soap and Lotion for home and the BeautyBlade Beauty Tool.

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