The Interview — Tiff Benson, Founder of The Fragrance Society

Founder of The Fragrance Society

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Meet Tiff Benson—a passionate content creator, brand ambassador, and entrepreneur who loves perfume, traveling the world, and sharing her love of all things beautiful with her subscribers. With a heart filled with wanderlust, Tiff has traveled to nine different countries but has always loved New York City, which she calls home.

Growing up in New York City blossomed Tiff's passion for the arts. A native of Hollis, Queens, Tiff went to Hunter College in New York, and after graduating with a BA in Broadcast Journalism and Theatre, was ready to take the world by storm.

During her college years, Tiff interned for radio/TV personality Wendy Williams and fashion designer Issac Mizrahi. After graduating, she went to work for a small accounting firm in NYC where she was always more interested in traveling the world and connecting with people, rather than crunching numbers and over-looking extensive excel sheets. During this period, Tiff used dance as an outlet to express myself. Being formally trained in dance throughout her life, dance was always a life-long hobby where she excelled. Tiff developed a cult following online, performed, and trained others in her unique dance style worldwide. In doing this, Tiff learned a great deal about the powers of the internet and quickly learned that she could reach a multitude of people and inspire others through the power of the world wide web. It was through this experience where Tiff had an epiphany—to take the plunge, leave dance and accounting, and start a new chapter in her life.

Tiff Benson started her blog—TIFFBENSON.COM in 2016. Today, she's the founder of The Fragrance Society, a community of fragrance lovers around the world. Tiff is also a global ambassador for OLLY Nutrition and Sephora. Her mission is to educate, entertain, and inspire people to live a more confident, beautiful, well-lived life. Tiff feels blessed knowing her life's purpose has led her to a career she genuinely loves—and for that, she's forever grateful. Keep up with Tiff by following her on InstagramFacebookYoutubeYoutube (second channel), Twitter, and Pinterest.

September 21, 2020

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Tell us a little bit about your blog and how it all began. What inspired you to share your love for fragrance and beauty with the world?


I started my blog in 2016 because I always had an intense fascination with the Internet, and I loved reading other blogs online, and I felt like I had a unique perspective that I wanted to share with the world.


What are some of the biggest challenges you faced while building your blog into what it is today? How did you overcome them?


One of the biggest challenges that I faced in the space was finding the right platform that fits my strengths. My background is in broadcast journalism and theater, and when I started my blog, I thought I would be doing mostly written content, but after spending more time in this space, I realized that my strength was in videography. This inspired me to pursue a career on YouTube, and that's when my blogging or "vlogging" journey blossomed. 

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Tell us about The Fragrance Society. What is it, and how can we join?


I decided to start The Fragrance Society because I love the idea of having a close-knit community with a shared passion—fragrance! The Fragrance Society is an exclusive email list where you can stay in the know of all things fragrance if your subscribed. We send out a weekly newsletter every Friday to our premium subscribers. To join, you can visit


How'd you become such a scent expert?


Smells are all around us, and it pays to pay attention. I realized at a very young age that I loved fragrance. Before I tried anything new, I would always give it a smell first— and I mean anything!


What advice would you give to someone who's looking to find their signature scent?


My advice would be not to look for a signature scent. I think it puts too much pressure on a person to find the perfect perfume, which probably doesn't even exist. Have a couple of fragrances in your arsenal that you can wear on different occasions and for different moods. I promise you'll be much happier that way. 


Walk us through a day-in-the-life of Tiff Benson.


Wake up. 


Check the news—make sure the world is not on fire.

Have a cup of tea.

Check my emails.

Then I start to plan/create. 

I'll have my protein shake with collagen and a raw salad for lunch.

Then back to work (research, planning, shooting content, etc.).

Eat dinner.

Take some CBD drops. Why not? 

I try to get an evening walk in for about 3 miles, which takes me about an hour.

Plan the following day in my planner.

And finally, I wind down with an evening tea and MSNBC and Bobs Burgers.


What does your daily beauty routine look like right now?


I like to keep it simple—cleanse, tone, and moisturize. But honestly, the real magic happens when I deep condition my hair. I AM OBSESSED with deep conditioning! And I'm also obsessed with giving myself a facial every other day. Have to keep it cute!


Who inspires you, and why?


I'm very inspired by Oprah. Not only does she have an incredible story, but she also has a beautiful heart.


What's on your travel hit list?


I'd love to travel back to Europe. Europe is vast, and there is so much to see. Revisiting Italy and France would make me very happy. 


What's next for Tiff Benson? Any plans to start your own fragrance line?


I plan to continue to grow my business, possibly start a family, and launch a fragrance line eventually—there's no rush.

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