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Meet 10 New Brands To Shop If You Love Zara

Image credits: na-kd
Image credits: na-kd

If you love Zara, you’re in good company—many of us do. Whether you need a fun cocktail dress for a formal event or a sweet pair of boots to complement your favorite jeans, Zara has it all. But maybe you want to diversify where you shop, or perhaps the line to the register at your local Zara has you feeling discouraged. Either way, we’ve got just what you need to keep building a cohesive closet: a roundup of 10 brands that are the next best thing to Big Z. 

Before we get into the list, let’s talk about what makes Zara so special. For starters, unlike traditional designers that plan collections far in advance, Zara produces and distributes new styles in a matter of weeks. Essentially, Zara makes it easy to participate in trends while they’re still happening—and their affordable prices don’t hurt either. Plus, the brand has an established global presence, and the influence of that is felt in the wide variety of styles available at Zara at any given time.

Ahead, see which brands our team of shopping experts deemed worthy of comparing to Zara, from familiar names like Aritzia and Mango to less well-known options like Pixie Market and COS.

March 1, 2024

Written By:Sierra Rogers

Product Expert:Georgia Jones

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Whether you're building a capsule wardrobe or looking for new styles to add to your workwear rotation, Mango has it all. As a European brand with a global presence, Mango has a good idea of what's timeless and trendy and how to toe the line between the two—as is evident in the style of their Crop Flared Jeans.

Mango Checks Knitted Sweater


Mango Checks Knitted Sweater


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& Other Stories

There's a good chance that & Other Stories is going to become your new one-stop shop for jewelry, clothing, bags, shoes, lingerie, and more. As an H&M brand, they're in the know when it comes to the trend cycle—every season, they deliver fresh styles worth splurging on like the Tailored Tapered Trousers and Slim Satin Midi Dress featured below.



It girls love Aritzia, and there's a reason for that: it's a design house with high quality standards and relatively low prices. Take The Effortless Pant as an example, a high-waisted pair of trousers that have limitless styling potential and ring up under $150. And while there's something so special about visiting an Aritzia store in person, the luxe vibes of the brand are palpable even on its website.


Massimo Dutti

If you're looking for a brand like Zara, it doesn't get much closer than Massimo Dutti (the same company owns both brands). That said, Massimo Dutti is known for its elevated takes on everyday styles, and the brand's collection typically runs a little more expensive than that of Zara's. 


Pixie Market

NYC-founded brand Pixie Market has a motto when it comes to fashion: "The trends you keep." Champions of day-to-night dressing, Pixie Market's styles prioritize structure and high-quality fabrics. Try their Strapless Button Top for your next date night, or don the Two Tone Denim Shirt for your next trip to the farmers market.



Every "cool girl" you know has a COS piece in her closet. Luxury design is the standard for COS, and the brand delivers it through powerful silhouettes that aren't afraid to take up space. Just take a strut in their Wide-Leg Tailored Twill Trousers, and you'll know what we're talking about.


Oak + Fort

OAK + FORT is a women-founded, Canadian fashion brand. From matching sets to vegan leather, OAK + FORT has plenty to offer—just look at the lovable Ballet Flats below. And if you're into sustainable shopping, check out OAK + FORT's Renew program to browse and shop styles that were previously loved by someone else.



Let the shopping Commense. Jokes aside, Commense's website is home to hundreds of highly-shoppable styles. One of the new kids on the block (founded in 2021), the brand takes inspiration from fashion cultures all over the world. This influence is easy to see in the shape of the Oversized Button-Down Jacket, which has clean lines and a boxy fit that’s reminiscent of Korean fashion.



Stradivarius doesn't have just one muse in mind; it's a brand that allows itself to evolve by exploring new styles. Typically known for its event attire and workwear, Stradivarius recently released a whole new line of athletic wear. But if that doesn't excite you, you can always count on the brand's Cowboy Boots With Details for a quick hit of confidence.



If you're a fan of Matilda Djerf's style, you'll love Swedish fashion brand NA-KD. They've perfected the art of slouch in a way that no one else can, creating flattering styles that effortlessly drape along the frame. Not to mention, they also have accessories worthy of making plans for (like the Oblong Shoulder Bag shown below).

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