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7 Reasons To Obsess Over The M2C Brand Making Luxury & Sustainability Attainable

Image credits: quince
Image credits: quince

As much as we’d all like to prioritize luxury and sustainability when it comes to shopping, the reality is that doing so isn’t usually affordable. But Quince—launched in 2019 and formerly known as Last Brand—is changing that. Powered by a uniquely developed factory-direct model, the company offers exceptionally high-quality staples for much lower prices than competitors, from linen sheets to luggage to silk PJs. Want to know how Quince does it? Ahead, we’re breaking down seven key things to know about the brand and why you should shop it.

February 17, 2023

Written By:Kate Ferris

Product Expert:Georgia Jones

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Quince was founded on the idea that everyone deserves to fill their life with finer things.

Well-made products should be accessible to everyone, but this usually isn’t the case. "We started Quince to challenge the existing idea that nice things should cost a lot," said Sid Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO. "Our mission was simple—create products of equal or greater quality than the leading luxury brands at a much lower price. Because we believe quality should never be a luxury.”


Sustainability is built into everything Quince does.

Sustainability goes far beyond fabric, and Quince proves that. From manufacturing and materials to packing, shipping, and even design, the brand works to reduce environmental impact in every way. This means a commitment to responsible production and safe working conditions, keeping carbon emissions low by shipping directly from manufacturers, the use of eco-friendly dyes and materials (think cashmere, alpaca wool, organic cotton, organic linen, and 100% recycled polyester), and last but not least, timeless designs that are made to last regardless of trends.

To top it all off, Quince works hard to ensure that nothing is overproduced. “The magic here is we're not producing on-demand, but we're producing near just in time, which allows us to get scale and match supply and demand really tightly,” says Gupta.


Quince is committed to affordability.

Thanks to Quince’s unique Manufacturer To Consumer model (M2C), the company takes products straight from the world’s leading suppliers to your door. This means skipping the massive markups typically associated with traditional brands and retailers. That $150 cashmere sweater you’ve been eyeing? It’ll cost around $50 at Quince, shipping directly from Mongolia. Italian leather bags are just $100 coming directly from Florence, and a set of Turkish spa towels from Izmir just $50.

The brand works with more than 30 of these factories across the world, ensuring that each one reflects the same high environmental and ethical values they hold.

Quince Mongolian Cashmere Crewneck Sweater


Quince Mongolian Cashmere Crewneck Sweater


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The brand is all about basics.

When it comes to the product lineup, Quince prioritizes high-quality essentials that bring enjoyment and luxury to everyday life—think leather goods, wardrobe essentials like tees, button-downs, and silk sleepwear, and home essentials like rugs, sheets, and towels. No product is overly patterned or branded, and each is made with the kind of keep-forever quality you’d usually only get for a high price.


Transparency is a high priority.

Honesty is Quince’s policy. On every product page, you’ll find information about the materials used, how it was manufactured, and how it was priced—including detailed charts showcasing how costs would compare at other major retailers.


You can’t beat the shipping and return policies.

Along with always providing free shipping, Quince also offers free returns within a whopping 365 days of purchase. And while everything must be unworn and unwashed in order to go back to Quince, bedding is an exception—in other words, trying it is completely risk-free.


Quince has hospitality, gifting, and wholesale programs.

Want to fill your Airbnb with hotel-quality robes, gift your employees a custom AirPods case, or fill your interior design client’s home with luxury linen sheets? Quince offers exclusive pricing and personalization (logo embroidery, screen printing, and more) with its hospitality, gifting, and wholesale programs.

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