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Internet Favorites: Clean Beauty

Internet Favorites: Clean Beauty

To all those who celebrate, we’d like to wish you a very happy National Clean Beauty Day. This holiday highlights the best products that follow a health-conscious ethos, prioritizing the freshest and eco-friendliest while still achieving their beauty goals. For us, that means harmful ingredients-free. By our definition, clean products avoid chemicals such as formaldehydes, parabens, and synthetic fragrance which are shown to have negative health effects on humans.

Once a niche category, clean beauty has swept the industry in a wave of the organic and/or natural. No longer is synthetic the norm, and no longer are these products relegated to the farmer’s market or specialized storefront. As the term’s popularity increased, so too did the range of items available, and the amount of pretenders as well. With nobody to regulate the desirable label’s usage, the industry standards can be difficult to wade through and filled with less than transparent options.

To help you on your au naturale journey, we compiled a list of the most popular clean beauty products on our site. Frequently bought by readers, these are the best of the brightest products, designed to do no harm and leave your skin glowing inside and out. Opening image: @glowrecipe

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June 2, 2022

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