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This Curated Collection is sponsored by SiO Beauty, which means we received payment and may also earn a commission when you shop through these links. However—as always—the products featured on this page still abide by our guiding principles and data-backed approach.

If you're familiar with SiO Beauty, it's most likely because you've experienced the magic of the brand's revolutionary wrinkle-smoothing patches. The cult-favorite product promises to work its magic in just eight hours—or overnight—reducing the need for medical procedures like fillers, chemical peels, or laser resurfacing. But what you may not know is that SiO has tons of other game-changing products besides just its beloved silicone patches., many of which make excellent gifts for the beauty obsessed.

Ahead, we're showing you what we mean with a roundup featuring 10 of SiO Beauty's most giftable products, including everything from eye creams and facial massagers to a skincare set that might just make you rethink your botox routine. For all that and more, scroll on and shop the full roundup.

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December 15, 2022

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Image credits: siobeauty


SiO Beauty Cryo System


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SiO Beauty SuperLift Pack


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SiO Beauty Super LipLift 2 Pk


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SiO Beauty Sparkle Eye & Smile Lift


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SiO Beauty Cryo Skincare Set


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SiO Beauty FaceLift


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SiO Beauty Eye & Smile SuperLift


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SiO Beauty Cryo Body Cream


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SiO Beauty Energy Serum


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SiO Beauty Wrinkle Rescue Pack


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