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Fuel Savings and Free Shipping On Viral Home Goods—Two Reasons To Become A Walmart+ Member

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The excitement of a new package is one every online shopper knows well. Whether you’re picking out the new rug that’s finally going to pull your whole living room together, or carefully selecting a book worthy of your gorgeous coffee table, we all eagerly count down the days until our latest treat-yourself order arrives. That’s where a Walmart+ membership steps in. With free same-day delivery on $35+ orders (note: restrictions apply), the enthusiasm is only maximized, and nobody could blame you for going a little click-crazy over this deal.

And there’s another underrated yet oh-so-helpful benefit to joining the Walmart+ membership: fuel savings. At select stations, Walmart+ members will receive discounts of up to 10 cents per gallon, a program offered nationwide at over 14,000 locations. Though these fuel discounts vary by location and station and are subject to change, it's a perk worth noting. Plus, every cent you save on fuel can be redirected elsewhere—especially towards the aforementioned home decor.

Whether you decide to travel for your shopping or deliver it straight to your doorstep, Walmart+ has you covered. Keep scrolling for a round-up of the hand-picked home items that will refresh your living space—with this membership, they’re only a few clicks away.

July 19, 2022

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Everwash Callaghan Edith Distressed Vintage Machine Washable Area Rug



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Beautiful 14 Cup Programmable Touchscreen Coffee Maker


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Better Homes & Gardens Natural Cane Weave Basket Set


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Regency Hill Modern Pharmacy Floor Lamp


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My Texas House Poppy Floral Square Decorative Pillow Cover



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Tom Ford Coffee Table Book


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The Home Edit 11 Piece Pantry Edit


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NeuType Full Length Arched Floor Mirror


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Better Homes & Gardens Non-Slip Velvet Clothing Hangers



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Thyme & Table Dinnerware Black & White Dot Stoneware


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