Top 10 Backpacks with USB Ports

Top-Rated Charging Backpacks and Suitcases To Take With You On All Of Life’s Adventures

Top-Rated Charging Backpacks and Suitcases To Take With You On All Of Life’s Adventures

For all of the frequent travelers and long commuters out there, you understand the importance of a reliable backpack. Ample space, plenty of pockets, portable size, and comfortable design are all qualifying factors when looking for a bag to tote around during your travels. But a backpack with a USB port is a modern development that you probably didn’t know you needed. A built-in USB port is a lifesaver when you’re on the go. Once you own a backpack with a USB port, you’ll wonder how you’ve gone so long without one. With this new technology being top of mind, we found the 10 best backpacks with USB ports. Each of these backpacks is well-designed, convenient for travels and come with an easily accessible USB port for all of your charging needs. It’s important to note that while the following backpacks make charging while traveling easy as can be, they do not come with the batteries needed to charge devices. The bags provide a USB port only, but you can easily stash away a portable charging pack inside one of the backpack’s many pockets. Shop our top picks for charging backpacks, ahead! Opening image: amazon.com

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July 13, 2018

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The Rankings

CrossGear TSA Laptop Backpack
Rank & Style Approved


CrossGear TSA Laptop Backpack

BEST FOR: The ScanSmart lay-flat technology makes it easy to get through those airport security lines with ease.

LOVED FOR: The many pockets that provide ample space for a variety of gadgets. 

Loaged Anti-theft Laptop Backpack

USERS SAID: “Great backpack for travel! I used it for an international trip recently and it was super handy.”

BEST FOR: The locking clips provide extra security that zippers don’t provide.

Himawari Travel Backpack

WHY YOU NEED IT: The sleek and minimal design make this bag as stylish as it is functional.

USERS SAID: “I was looking for a long time for a backpack for work. It was hard to find one I liked that wasn’t meant for outdoor hiking or beyond what I was willing to spend. Then I came across this little gem. It is the perfect bag for me. It is one large opening (which I wanted) with plenty of room. I love the carrying handles too.”

Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack

LOVED FOR: The conveniently placed USB port that is subtle in design.

BEST FOR: Toting around for work, school, travel and everywhere in between

Yorepek Travel Laptop Backpack

WHY YOU NEED IT: The mesh panels and padded straps provide breathable support, making it easier to lug around your belongings comfortably.

USERS SAID: “This is a great looking backpack! Lots of space and pockets for just about anything you could think of. I'm flying out in a couple weeks and it should work perfectly as my carry on!”

Ambor Laptop Backpack

LOVED FOR: The lightweight design and addition of a headphone jack make this a convenient, all-in-one accessory.

BEST FOR: Easily storing all of your gadgets and belongings with front pockets, main pocket and laptop pocket. 

Kopack Slim Business Laptop Backpack

USERS SAID: “This backpack is perfect! Very sturdy and plenty of pockets for everything I need.”

BEST FOR: The many compartments make this ideal for carrying everything you need for traveling, long commutes and even longer days. 

Yorepek Business Laptop Backpack

BEST FOR: The slim size and design make this pack ideal for fitting into small spaces like plane overhead compartments and under the seat.

USERS SAID: “Amazing bag for an amazing price. Purchased this to have some space for my laptop and ended up also getting portable charging for my phone on the go!”

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

USERS SAID: “Lots of compartments, fits my 14" laptop perfectly. It's not too heavy when loaded with items. I really love the zippers, the USB charging port, and the ability to attach it to luggage when traveling.”

WHY YOU NEED IT: This backpack can comfortably fit your laptop and plenty of belongings, and even straps onto your carry-on suitcase for an added convenience. 

Mancro Travel Computer Bag

WHY YOU NEED IT: With features like padded shoulder straps, durable and water-repellent fabric, plenty of space and a compact design, this highly-rated backpack is truly a must-have accessory when traveling.

USERS SAID: “It’s completely functional. My boyfriend uses this for work, travel, and the gym. He loves that the USB port to charge his phone is on the external side so he can charge his phone as he’s walking.”

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