Top 10 Fashion Sneakers

Meet The Most Coveted Sneakers On The Internet Right Now

Meet The Most Coveted Sneakers On The Internet Right Now

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If any fashion item has gotten the greatest glow-up over the past few years, it's the humble sneaker. Trainers, tennis shoes, sneaks—whatever you choose to call them, it's safe to say they've stolen the spotlight and have officially earned It-shoe status. Maybe it's because we're obsessed with athleisure or maybe it's because quarantine forever changed our expectations when it comes to comfort, but regardless, we couldn't be more thankful for the rising popularity of a shoe that perfectly combines style and comfort. 

With that in mind, we took to the internet to find the 10 pairs of sneakers people are obsessing over most right now, and we have a feeling you'll be pleased. Ahead, you'll find 10 statement-making sneaks that are sure to elevate all your outfits this season, complete with details like bold hues, animal prints, metallic accents, and more.

How We Found The Best Fashion Sneakers

To round up this list, we turned to the help of our unbiased algorithm. This proprietary tool finds the top trending products on the web by factoring in best-seller lists, social media buzz, editor recommendations, and more. Ahead, take a peek at the 10 sneakers currently reigning supreme and shop your favorites.

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October 15, 2021

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