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Top 10 Sleep Aid Products

The 10 Best Sleep Aid Products To Use Now

The 10 Best Sleep Aid Products To Use Now

Get ready for an ahh-mazing night's sleep. Unwind and restore with a trusted nighttime routine complete with sleep aid products that deliver dreamy results. Getting the right amount of sleep is unheard of for many, but we've searched the web to source the best products to help you enjoy deeper and more restful sleep than ever before. We’ve used our data-driven algorithm factoring in best-selling buzz, editorial selections, and real user reviews to create a vetted list of the best sleep aid products on the market that have been shown to reduce daytime fatigue, minimize restlessness, and promote uninterrupted shut-eye. Our list of science-backed selections includes a range of products for finding your peaceful place such as white noise machines, sleeping masks, air purifiers, pillows, and even adult nightlights. Scroll to shop a range of must-have sleep aid products from brands including Casper, Levoit, Luxome, The Good Patch, and others. Opening image: @thegoodpatch

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January 29, 2020

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Top 10 Lists serve as unbiased shopping guides to the most trusted product recommendations on the internet. Products are scored and ranked using an algorithm backed by data consumers find most valuable when making a purchase. We are reader-supported and may earn a commission when you shop through our links.

The Rankings

Philips SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband
Rank & Style Approved


Philips SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband

LOVED FOR: The adjustable sliders, accurate sleep tracking, and universal fit

FROM THE EXPERTS: This product is clinically proven to help users improve sleep quality, increase energy levels, boost alertness, and reduce daytime sleepiness.

The Good Patch Plant-Based Dream Patch

HELPFUL TIP: Place this patch on your wrist for the best results.

FUN FACT: This product is fragrance-free and gluten-free. 

Casper The Glow Light

WHAT IT DOES: This light is designed to self-dim and emit a warm light to help lull you into deeper, better sleep.

HELPFUL TIP: Enjoy this light and the calming scent of essential oils as you drift into your dreams.

Flents Super Sleep Comfort Foam Ear Plugs

WHAT IT DOES: These earplugs have been designed with a shortened length for optimum side sleeper comfort. The earplug foam sits comfortably in the ear and compresses quickly for easy insertion. 

USERS SAID: "These worked perfectly for me. I'm a light sleeper and in the morning I always wake up from people opening/closing doors, things like that. But these stay in all night and I don't wake up from sounds anymore!" 

Dream Sleeper Eye Mask

BEST FOR: Choose this mask for sleeping, napping, or travel. 

LOVED FOR: This mask is made of luxurious, adjustable, washable, and breathable satin.

Hatch Rest Sound Machine, Night Light & Time-to-Rise

BEST FOR: Use this product in your child's nursery or in your own bedroom.

WHAT IT DOES: This machine is designed to grow with your child and provide restful solutions for every stage of their development. 

Luxome Premium Weighted Blanket

USERS SAID: "This blanket far exceeded my expectations. It is great quality and my kids absolutely love it! I highly recommend this product for kids and adults alike. I've also noticed that my son is sleeping better at night with it! So thankful to have found such a great quality weighted blanket. Highly recommend."

FUN FACT: This blanket is made in the USA.

Marpac Dohm The Original White Noise Machine

BEST FOR: Pick this white noise machine for relaxing sounds that can be enjoyed virtually anywhere.

STYLE WITH: Use this machine while snuggling up in some cooling bed sheets for a quality night's sleep.

Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow

WHY YOU NEED IT: Never fluff your pillow again. This product features a design that allows for the sleeper to customize the amount of memory foam fill for the ideal level of comfort. 

FUN FACT: This product is made in the USA from bamboo-derived materials.

Levoit Air Purifier

BEST FOR: Use this air purifier to create a clean, fresh, and calming environment perfect for catching Z's. 

USERS SAID: "I've had this purifier for 5 days and can already tell a huge difference in my allergy and sinus issues. My right nostril is constantly clogged and by the second day of running this, I could finally breathe through both nostrils upon waking! There is a noticeable difference in the air when I walk into my bedroom where I keep it from the rest of my home."

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