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Top 10 Stocking Stuffers For Men

The Coolest Stocking Suffers For Him Under $30

The Coolest Stocking Suffers For Him Under $30

For many of us, finding perfect gifts for the men in our lives is one of the toughest tasks on our holiday to-do lists. Add in the whole stocking stuffer situation, and things get even more challenging. When he's finally collected enough neckties from holidays past and gift cards no longer spark the positive reaction they once did, you'll want to get him something practical that he'll actually appreciate—as in something that won't end up in his knick-knack drawer come January. If you're on the hunt for men's stocking stuffers that won't be overlooked, the tiny gifts ahead have practically already earned their spot on the mantel. We promise you: these inexpensive stocking stuffers are the best in all of the land. How do we know? Our data-driven algorithm, of course. From a beard grooming kit fit for a lumberjack to a Yeti tumbler for the avid outdoorsman, each product featured below boasts rave reviews, best-selling buzz, editorial mentions, and—best of all—rings up under $30. Keep scrolling to discover and shop the Top 10 stocking stuffers every man in your life is guaranteed to love. Opening image: @bombas

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December 2, 2020

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XJunion Cap Organizer Hanger
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XJunion Cap Organizer Hanger

BEST FOR: Suprise! The coolest stocking stuffers are probably the ones you've never even considered putting in a stocking, like this cap organizer hanger. If hats are a part of his everyday look, we promise he'll love this.

HELPFUL TIP: If you've got more than one baseball cap enthusiast on your list—or one person that's just really into caps—opt for a multipack and save some cash.

FlePow Ear And Nose Hair Trimmer

BEST FOR: Once hair begins to sprout from his ears and nose more than it does from his head, a compact trimmer becomes a necessity. Luckily, he doesn't have to be the victim of one of life's many cruel jokes if you snag him this sleek device.

WHY YOU NEED IT: This nose hair trimmer is easy to clean, waterproof, and if you're still not totally sold, it has over 33,000 positive reviews. 

Goodr Lightweight Wide Frame Sunglasses

WHY YOU NEED IT: A good pair of sunglasses is never a bad pick, especially not when they're as durable as these. These sunglasses are equipped with a no-slip fit, and they're shatterproof, making them the perfect pair of performance shades for the guy who does it all.

FUN FACT: The lenses on these glasses are scratch-resistant and anti-salt water.

Rapid Beard Beard Brush And Beard Comb Kit

BEST FOR: Whether his beard is a mainstay or he's a No-Shave November veteran, he'll need to keep it under control. With this brush and comb kit, he easily can. 

LOVED FOR: There are no limits when it comes to this kit—he can use it for the hair on his head or with any amount of facial hair, including mustaches and short beards.

Truff Black Truffle Infused Hot Sauce

BEST FOR: This is for the truffle siracha lover who has everything (oddly specific, we know). If he doesn't have Truff, we highly recommend you snag him this sauce. Users describe it as a mix of chili peppers, white truffle, and agave nectar, with a hint of coriander.

AS SEEN ON: This beloved hot sauce made an appearance on Oprah's favorite things list.

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

BEST FOR: We know this isn't the most romantic gesture, but we can almost guarantee he needs it. And honestly, it'll probably benefit both of you. 

USERS SAID: "Ladies, listen up: if you have a man in your life (I mean ANY man, even your coworker Bob), you NEED this spray. Get some for your house, your purse, the office bathroom—your nose will thank you. Gone will be the days of lingering smells creeping from the men's office bathroom!"

Palmetto Wood Shop Engraved Personalized Pocket Knife

BEST FOR: Whether he's an avid pocket knife user or just enjoys collecting them, he's certain to appreciate an upgrade—especially one that's personalized. 

USERS SAID: "My husband works in an auto shop and goes through pocket knives like crazy. For our anniversary, I wanted to get him one that's a little bit nicer than what he usually uses. So, I ordered him this one with his initials engraved on it. The knife came in today and has absolutely blown my expectations out of the water! The engraving looks wonderful, and the knife is super heavy and good quality! My husband is absolutely going to love this and think I spent way more money on it than I actually did! Plus, it came in less than a week from when I ordered!"

Anker PowerCore 5000 Portable Charger

WHY YOU NEED IT: Be it your dad, brother, or best friend, buying him this portable charger means he'll never have an excuse not to text you back. You're welcome.

LOVED FOR: This thing is tiny but mighty. It's compact enough to fit in a work bag or back pocket, but it's powerful enough to charge a phone even faster than a regular-sized version.

Bombas Originals Ankle Socks

BEST FOR: Socks probably aren't number one on your list of cheap stocking stuffer ideas, but don't be fooled—these aren't just any socks. Bombas guarantees comfort with every step thanks to underfoot cushioning, honeycomb arch support, and a blister tab.

LOVED FOR: According to reviews, these socks are truly life-changing. They're thick yet breathable and will never ever slip off the feet. 

Yeti Rambler Tumbler With MagSlide Lid

BEST FOR: If he doesn't already have a Yeti mug, he needs one. These things can keep his drinks hot or cold, are dishwasher safe, and cup-holder compatible.

HELPFUL TIP: Take this gift one step further and customize it with his name or the logo of his favorite sports team. 

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