Top 10 Sunglasses on Amazon

10 Trending Sunglasses You Can Find On Amazon

10 Trending Sunglasses You Can Find On Amazon

The sun is high and so are summertime vibes, which is exactly why we're happy to report the top 10 sunglasses on Amazon. We totally understand if you aren't willing to drop a pretty penny on a pair of sunglasses that you'll take traveling or to the beach. But we also support a wise fashion investment. Luckily we have options for both ends of the spectrum, from sunglasses registering around $10 all the way up to specs that you can confidently expect to wear for years to come. That said, no matter the price, you'll be really happy to learn that most of these sunglasses feature UVA/UVB protection and polarized lenses. That means you can hit the great outdoors without worrying about any damage being done. Take a look and order a few pairs of sunglasses. There's sure to be an occasion that calls for them just around the corner! Opening image: amazon.com

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May 9, 2019

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The Rankings

WearMe Pro Reflective Lens Round Sunglasses
Rank & Style Approved


WearMe Pro Reflective Lens Round Sunglasses

FUN FACT: WearMe Pro's sunglasses come equipped with HD lenses that filter out sunlight glare and offer UV400 protection.

ABOUT THE BRAND: WearMe Pro is a family-owned eyewear brand founded in the United States that donates thousands of glasses to children in need every year.

SOJOS Aviator Mirrored Sunglasses

USERS SAID: "Ok let me start off by saying how impressed I am by the quality. I expected some flimsy cheapo glasses. But these things are sturdy, plus come with a super cute carrying pouch."

LOVED FOR: While they're fashioned after old school aviator glasses, these glasses won't look oversized on your face and will keep a slim profile.

WearMe Pro Aviator Sunglasses

BEST FOR: If you're looking for a totally obscuring pair of glasses, this is it. No one will be able to see beyond the mirrored lenses and into your eyes.

USERS SAID: "Love these! Always get compliments on these. The mirroring effect is perfect."

SOJOS Vintage Round Sunglasses

LOVED FOR: The winged corners give these glasses a flirty, vintage flare while still staying true to the modern mirror trend.

WHY YOU NEED THEM: These glasses are purposely designed to be oversized but are nowhere near goofy. 

WearMe Pro Classic Retro Sunglasses

BEST FOR: Sunglasses lovers with small faces report loving the size of these glasses, saying they won't slip down and look perfectly proportional. 

USERS SAID: "The glasses are pretty sturdy, which usually for this price you get flimsy glasses. The lenses are nice, and I felt they gave me enough protection from the sun. Plus they are pretty darn stylish."

Ray Ban 3025 Aviator Sunglasses

LOVED FOR: Decade after decade, Ray-Bans withstand the test of time thanks to a level of workmanship that'll keep them in rotation for years.

STYLE WITH: A simple pair of jeans, T-shirt, and a leather jacket.

ATTCL Vintage Arrow Style Sunglasses

BEST FOR: An entirely polarized lens filters harmful rays and balances the colors that your eyes naturally perceive so you get a natural look at everything around you.

USERS SAID: "People really raved about these sunglasses and couldn't believe when I said the price I purchased them for. A lot of my friends will be ordering them because of how great they look on me. They do a great job of blocking the sun as well."

J+S Classic Aviator Sunglasses

LOVED FOR: This high quality yet totally affordable frame features spring loaded temples that will adjust to the shape of your face and bounce back after wear.

USERS SAID: "[T]he UV protection is better than any glasses I've own. Everything is still clear and not too dark. Construction is solid and much higher quality than the asking price suggests. Highly recommended!"

SOJOS Cat Eye Sunglasses

LOVED FOR: The cat eye frame is made from unbreakable material.

WHERE TO WEAR: Due to the combo of style and strength, consider these your go-to sunnies for festival season.

Ray Ban Erika Aviator

ABOUT THE BRAND: Ray-Ban first made waves after introducing the early Aviator style in 1937 followed by to the classic Wayfarer in 1952.

USERS SAID: "My favorite part is how they are so lightweight and don't hurt my temples... I love how they are matte black (so sleek and classy) and difficult to scratch (I've dropped them a dozen times and they still look brand new)."

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