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Have you wandered into your closet recently, only to emerge shouting about how you have nothing to wear? Is there an event on your calendar that you’ve considered RSVPing “no” to all because you don’t have an appropriate ‘fit ready to go? Or, have you accidentally worn the same sweater and jeans combo to the office two Mondays in a row? If any of these situations apply to you, here’s a helpful suggestion: Try out a clothing rental service. 

Just like the old days when Netflix used to send DVDs straight to your mailbox, clothing rental services ship ready-to-wear styles directly to your door. And while there used to be only a handful of names in this space, today there are dozens and dozens of services out there to choose from. Whether you need a floor-length designer gown for a special occasion or just a couple of fleeces and a pair of ski pants for an upcoming snowy vacation, there’s surely a rental service out there that would work for your budget and needs. 

Ahead, learn everything there is to know about the 10 best brands in the rental subscription services industry, from the recognizable Rent The Runway to the niche Vivrelle.

January 2, 2024

Written By:Sierra Rogers

Product Expert:Georgia Jones

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Rent The Runway

Image credits: rent the runway

rent the runway

Best For: Label lovers who want to give designer items a trial run.

How It Works: Rent the Runway follows a typical clothing rental model that works like this: First, customers choose a plan and sign up. Next, they browse Rent the Runway’s 10,000+ products and select the styles they’d like to receive in their box. Then, they receive their products and wear them as many times as they want. Customers can buy, return, or hold on to their items depending on how deeply they fall in love with them.

Price: Rent the Runway offers several monthly subscription options at different price points. The most affordable plan includes five product rentals and costs $94 per month. There’s also a 10-item plan that costs $144 per month, as well as a 20-item plan that’s priced at $235 per month. No matter the plan, Rent the Runway only ships five items at a time—meaning, if you choose the 10-item plan, you’ll get two shipments per month that include five items each. It’s also worth mentioning that new customers receive a discounted price for their first month of service ($84 for the five-item plan, $99 for the 10-item plan, and $169 for the 20-item plan).

Why Shoppers Love It: In addition to designer clothing, Rent the Runway has a vast selection of handbags, sunglasses, and even jewelry available to rent.

Where To Find It: Visit to learn more. 



Image credits: tulerie


Best For: À la carte rentals and event attire.

How It Works: There are two sides to Tulerie: the lender side and the borrower side. Lenders can use Tulerie to make some extra cash by listing luxury items in their closets as available to rent. Borrowers submit rental requests to the lenders for four, 10, or 20 days. Lenders have 24 hours to either approve or deny the requests. If approved, the rental item is shipped out to the borrower with the “borrowing time” beginning on the day that it is delivered. Finally, once a borrower is done with the item, they will ship it back to the lender using the included return label.

Price: Pricing for Tulerie varies depending on the item(s) you rent. There is no fee to join Tulerie, and both shipping and cleaning fees are built into the rental price of items. 

Why Shoppers Love It: Because Tulerie is a peer-to-peer rental service, there is no fixed subscription cost, and you can rent as many or as few items as you please.

Where To Find It: Visit to learn more.



Image credits: nuuly


Best For: Fans of Free People, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters.

How It Works: Nuuly is a clothing rental subscription service owned by Urban Outfitters. Their rental model is simple: Just sign up for the service using your email address and a credit card, then choose six items to rent from Nuuly’s ever-growing collection of styles. After a month, send your items back using the included packaging slip (unless you want to buy them, which is also acceptable), then start the process again by choosing your next six styles to rent. You can pause your subscription at any time or keep your rental items for longer than a month (although you will be charged the monthly subscription fee if you do this).

Price: Nuuly’s monthly subscription costs $98; plus, you’ll never pay shipping or late fees. 

Why Shoppers Love It: Nuuly does a great job of curating trendy styles alongside staples. Not to mention there’s also Nuuly Thrift, a marketplace where shoppers can buy and sell secondhand clothes.

Where To Find It: Visit to learn more.


Gwynnie Bee

Image credits: gwynnie bee

gwynnie bee

Best For: Those who never wear the same thing twice.

How It Works: Much like Nuuly, Gwynnie Bee is a clothing rental service that offers monthly subscription plans. Subscribers have a virtual closet where they can “save” styles they’re interested in renting. Once they’re ready to rent, they choose between one and 10 items to have delivered to their door. They can wear ‘em once, twice, or non-stop before throwing them in the pre-paid return bag provided by Gwynnie Bee and shipping them back—or they can buy the item(s) for less than the retail price. Plus, renters get unlimited exchanges, so they can swap out their rented styles as much as they want all month long.

Price: Gwynnie Bee’s pricing ranges from $49 to $199 per month, depending on the number of items you rent. You can try Gwynnie Bee for 50% off your first month, and you can also cancel at any time.

Why Shoppers Love It: No doubt about it, offering unlimited exchanges is a big plus for Gwynnie Bee—but also, free dry cleaning. Go ahead and rent that delicate cocktail dress or a sequin-studded blazer—there’s no expectation to have it cleaned before returning it to Gwynnie Bee. 

Where To Find It: Visit to learn more.


Vince Unfold

Image credits: vince unfold

vince unfold

Best For: Office-appropriate staple pieces.

How It Works: Vince Unfold is a clothing rental service that charges a flat monthly fee ($175) in exchange for unlimited item rentals. While only four items can be exchanged at a time, renters can add numerous styles to their “Edit” (which acts as a virtual wishlist). Once rented items have been returned via the complimentary packaging slip, Vince Unfold will ship out another set of items from the renter’s Edit. Or, renters can pay extra to take advantage of Dart, a feature that allows them to choose the exact items in their Edit that will be shipped to them next.

Price: Pricing for Vince Unfold begins at $175 per month for four items.

Why Shoppers Love It: Vince Unfold is one of the few clothing rental services that caters to men in addition to women.

Where To Find It: Visit to learn more.


New York And Company Closet

Image credits: new york and company closet

new york and company closet

Best For: Experimenting with statement accessories.

How It Works: New York and Company Closet works similarly to other clothing rental subscription services. Renters add styles they’re interested in wearing to their Favorites section, then the New York and Company Closet team chooses three to five available pieces from their Favorites to add to their tote. From there, totes are sent out with priority shipping and should arrive at renters’ doorsteps within two to three days. Renters wear them as many times as they want, then ship them back using an included bag and packaging slip.

Price: New York and Company Closet has two subscription options. The first option—which is their most popular plan—offers three clothing rentals for $49.95 per month. The next plan includes three clothing rentals and two accessory rentals. Unfortunately, pricing information for this plan was not listed publicly at the time of our research. 

Why Shoppers Love It: With plans starting at $49.95, New York and Company Closet is amongst the most affordable services featured in our list.

Where To Find It: Visit to learn more.



Image credits: armoire


Best For: Personalized picks from professional stylists.

How It Works: Armoire is a personalized clothing rental service that charges a flat monthly price for up to seven-item rentals. To get started, users sign up and take a three-minute style quiz. The results are used by Armoire’s stylists to make recommendations, which users then review and choose from to build their first case. 

Price: Armoire’s Unlimited plan includes six-item rentals per case and unlimited exchanges for $249 per month (note: this price was significantly discounted at the time of our research). There’s also a four-item plan priced at $79 per month, as well as a seven-item plan that costs $119 per month. The four- and seven-item plans have a 30-day turnaround time for rentals, while the Unlimited plan has no time restraints. Also, renters can add “bonus” items to their case for an additional $20 per item.

Why Shoppers Love It: Unlike similar services, you can keep wearing your rental items until your next Armoire case arrives.

Where To Find It: Visit BestPrice.Armoire.Style to learn more. 


Le Tote

Image credits: le tote

le tote

Best For: Stylish maternity clothing and accessories.

How It Works: Le Tote is owned by RTW Retailwinds Acquisition LLC, the company that also owns New York and Company Closet. Naturally, Le Tote’s subscription service mimics New York and Company Clothing. To recap: Renters add styles they’re interested in wearing to their Favorites section. From there, Le Tote chooses available pieces, adds them to their tote, and ships them to renters’ doors. 

Price: Le Tote has a handful of subscription options to choose from. Renters can receive one tote a month with either five ($59), eight ($89), or ten ($109) items within them. Or, they can choose to receive two totes a month with either four clothing items or a mix of three clothing items and two accessories (both of which cost $79). There are also maternity plans available that include the same number of items as the traditional plans (although the pricing is slightly higher for these subscriptions).

Why Shoppers Love It: The option to receive two totes per month is a unique aspect of Le Tote’s service, especially considering the pricing is similar whether you receive one or two totes. 

Where To Find It: Visit to learn more.  


Nova Octo

Image credits: nova octo

nova octo

Best For: Runway-inspired event attire.

How It Works: Nova Octo describes themselves as “...a curated archive for new season, past season, and vintage looks.” Unlike many of the companies featured in this list, Nova Octo is not a monthly subscription service. Instead, Nova Octo offers a la carte formal wear rentals. Users can browse their catalog of designer gowns, jumpsuits, and suits to find the perfect ‘fit for that big event. Once chosen, the style is altered (if necessary) before being delivered to the renter, who has four days to wear it before a courier comes by to pick it up and return it to Nova Octo.

Price: Pricing information for Nova Octo isn’t listed publicly; cost varies widely depending on the item rented.

Why Shoppers Love It: In some cases, Nova Octo can provide temporary alterations to their styles for renters (such as adjusting a hem or straps). 

Where To Find It: Visit to learn more. 



Image credits: vivrelle


Best For: Designer handbags and jewelry rentals.

How It Works: Vivrelle is a luxury accessory rental service with a catalog of styles from brands like Balenciaga, Hermes, Fendi, Givenchy, and more. To join, users have to “apply” for membership to the club. Once their application is approved, members can rent items from Vivrelle’s collection of designer handbags and fine jewelry for a month at a time. Plus, club members also get to enjoy perks unrelated to Vivrelle’s service from brands in the hospitality, fashion, beauty, and wellness industries (like the Four Seasons, Charlotte Tilbury, and Daily Harvest).

Price: Vivrelle has four subscription plans: Premier, Classique, Couture, and Couture+. Premier starts at $45 per month and includes access to one item rental (either jewelry or a bag) with a retail value of up to $1000. At the other end of the spectrum, Couture+ includes two item rentals (either jewelry, bags, or limited edition pieces) with no cap on the retail value for $309 per month.

Why Shoppers Love It: What other service allows you to carry a $3,000+ handbag on your arm for a fraction of the price?

Where To Find It: Visit to learn more. 

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