Product Review: TruSkin's NEW Longevity Serum

This Beloved Amazon Skincare Brand Just Released A New Anti-Aging Serum—Here's Our Review

Image credits: truskin
Image credits: truskin

In partnership with TruSkin, our Co-Owner and CMO tested the brand's recently launched anti-aging serum. Keep reading to learn her initial thoughts and honest product review.

TruSkin, the brand best known for its vitamin C serum, which garnered the attention of celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, and over 140,000 happy shoppers on Amazon, has launched a new retinol alternative, The Longevity Serum.  

What makes this product launch different? Its messaging: “For Healthy Aging,” adding that it is a serum designed to "slow the aging process of skin cells.” They don’t claim the product will reduce wrinkles or plump the skin. Instead, they want the shopper to know this product is designed to maximize skin health.

Featuring Bakuchiol, a botanical retinol alternative renowned for its effective yet skin-friendly benefits, this serum is particularly ideal for those with sensitive skin. Layer in Snow Algae, Lingonberry Stem Cells, and Coffeeberry, and you will have a serum packed with good-for-your-skin ingredients—all for less than $30.

But how well does the formula hold up to its claims? Our Co-Owner and CMO shares her personal thoughts below. 

May 10, 2024

Written By:Beth Zerdecki

Product Expert:Rank & Style

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The Review

"The first thing that caught my attention about this serum was its milky white texture. I took this as a positive sign because, in my experience, serums with similar textures have always nourished and calmed my skin instead of breaking it down and rebuilding it (like retinol). So far, this one seems to be working just as well. It has a smooth application that absorbs fairly quickly and has no noticeable scent. After each application, my skin has a nice subtle sheen, which I like. My sunscreen and makeup layer over it nicely, making it an ideal solution for daytime use.

All in all, my experience with this serum has been great. I look forward to using it daily and would even recommend it as a gift, thanks to its formula that is good for all skin types and sensitivities."—Beth Zerdecki, Co-Owner and CMO

TruSkin Longevity Serum


TruSkin Longevity Serum


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