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Top 10 Control Top Tights

Tights That Smooth, Tighten, and Hold Up To Wear And Tear

Tights That Smooth, Tighten, and Hold Up To Wear And Tear

If there’s one thing all fashion-minded girls can agree on, it’s that tights are an absolute must-have in every wardrobe. People have been wearing them for centuries for a reason, right? They also solve a number of fashion dilemmas: Too cold out to wear your new suede mini skirt? Add some tights. Dress is a little on the short side? Add some tights. Want to transition a summer dress to fall? Add some tights. Throw in the magic of shapewear and now they’re slimming, too. While you may think otherwise, not all tights are created equal, ladies. A great pair elongates and smooths legs, provides a touch of warmth, lasts through the years, and—most importantly—comfortably smooths problem areas like the tummy, hips, thighs, and booty without rolling down or squeezing too tight. Tough to find, we know, but Rank & Style has scoured the internet and done just that. See below for a list of the Top 10 control-top tights you can buy—we promise they won’t rip or snag the second you pull them on. Scroll through our algorithm-approved selection and start stocking up for the season! Opening image: @wearcommando

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February 27, 2019

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The Rankings

Ann Taylor Modern Perfect Control Top Tights
Rank & Style Approved


Ann Taylor Modern Perfect Control Top Tights

USERS SAID: "I love these tights. The control top pulls everything in which makes them so comfortable and flattering. The leg is opaque as well as soft and stretchy. They look and feel great."

HELPFUL TIP: To ensure a long life, hand wash these tights and lay them flat to dry.

Berkshire Luxe Opaque Control Top Tights

WHY YOU NEED IT: You get to choose from seven neutral hues and wide variety of sizes.

LOVED FOR: A comfortable and durable fabric that keeps you warm

Nordstrom Opaque Control Top Tights

USERS SAID: "Love, love, love these tights! I wear these everyday during the work week and they are so soft and comfortable. They last through wash and wear and are worth the money. Even though I tend to wear the black and grey the most, I do like the other color options too. They stay put and look great!"

STYLE WITH: A patterned shift dress and a pair of booties 

DKNY Light Opaque Control Top Tights

BEST FOR: These tights feature light control that's perfect for everyday wear.

LOVED FOR: A soft and lightweight (yet durable!) fabric that doesn't sag or bunch

SPANX Tight-End Tights

USERS SAID: "I love these tights. I still have a pair going strong that I've had for at least 7 years. They have been washed and worn multiple times a week all through winter and fall and still snap right back into shape, and hold their color."

ABOUT THE BRAND: SPANX started in 2000 when founder Sara Blakely was struggling with visible panty lines and cut the feet off her control-top pantyhose.

DKNY Super Opaque Coverage Control Top

WHY YOU NEED IT: These true blackout tights are basically the sleeker version of leggings.

LOVED FOR: A thick and silky knit that's warm and comfortable

Old Navy Textured Zig-Zag Control-Top Tights

USERS SAID: "Usually I wear tights once and have to chuck them, but I’ve worn them several times this week already since buying them... and no holes! They’re a nice thicker quality, but still sheer enough to see through them. I actually forget if I’m wearing them or leggings half the time because they’re so comfy! I recommend these for the price!"

BEST FOR: Budget shoppers

Hue Super Opaque Tights with Control Top

BEST FOR: Curvy women

LOVED FOR: A high waistband, an opaque look, and a fabric that really holds up

Commando Ultimate Opaque Matte Tights

WHY YOU NEED IT: These tights are designed to be invisible under your clothing.

USERS SAID: "These tights are truly a commando tight! With the many different opaque tights on the market today, it is difficult to find a good pair of opaque tights, but you can look no more. These tights are fully opaque and stay truly opaque at the knees when one is sitting down. They are discreet under form fitting clothing, which is great when I'm dancing."

No Nonsense Super Opaque Control-Top Tights

LOVED FOR: A super stretchy design that keeps your legs from freezing in cold weather

HELPFUL TIP: Hand wash or wash in a garment bag in the washer, then hang to dry.

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