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Top 10 Fragrances On Amazon

The Best Fragrances You Can Buy On Amazon

The Best Fragrances You Can Buy On Amazon

There are a few staples that we all need in our lives when it comes to wardrobe and beauty: a good pair of denim, a classic white shirt, a perfect shade of lipstick, and a signature scent. Finding a signature scent may take some experimenting. You’ll need to figure out what kind of notes you prefer and which ones smell best on your body. Whether it’s fruity, warm, floral or musky, you’ll know when you’ve found that one perfect scent that speaks just to you. It’ll be the first thing you reach for before heading out the door, and a scent that you’ll enjoy all day long. To help you find a new fragrance to add to your daily routine, we found the 10 best fragrances reviewers love for their universally-pleasing scents. The best part? These perfumes and sprays can all be found on Amazon. Consider this your one stop shop for all things fragrance. Shop our 10 best fragrances ahead to find your new favorite scent and get ready to spritz away! Opening image: @juliettehasagun

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October 8, 2018

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The Rankings

Kate Spade Live Colorfully Eau de Parfum Spray
Rank & Style Approved


Kate Spade Live Colorfully Eau de Parfum Spray

USERS SAID: “Lovely fresh scent without being overwhelming. Perfect for almost all occasions.”

BEST FOR: The fresh and light scent is a subtle addition to your everyday routine. 

Nasomatto Extrait de Parfum Spray, Black Afgano

LOVED FOR: The warm and earthy scent that envelopes your nose

USERS SAID: “Incredible scent. Nothing like it. Everyone I give a hug to says please tell me what is I need to get it for a friend. Absolutely different and memorable.”

Elizabeth Arden Fifth Avenue Eau de Parfum Spray

WHY YOU NEED IT: This refined and classic scent will become a go-to perfume for years to come.

BEST FOR: Those looking for a signature scent will not be disappointed in this reliable and light perfume. 

Juliette Has A Gun Not A Perfume

USERS SAID: “My favourite perfume, EVER. When I wear this, no matter where I go someone tells me I smell good. However, it's not an overwhelming or overpowering scent. It's definitely worth every penny and it lasts forever.”

LOVED FOR: The long-lasting bottle that makes the price more than worth it

Nuxe Prodigieux Le Parfum

BEST FOR: Providing a long-lasting scent

USERS SAID: “This parfum smells heavenly, soft and flower like but not too strong. I am very sensitive to strong scents and have sensitive skin but I can use this with no problem.”

Burberry Brit For Her Eau De Parfum

WHY YOU NEED IT: This perfume comes from a classic brand and will easily become your signature scent throughout the years.

USER SAID: “I love the soft, non-invasive fragrance of this toilette! It is something that lingers, yet does not 'hang' on all day in a way that you can't wait to get it off of you! It is not offensive, it is feminine, luxurious, with hints of florals and musk.”

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Toilette Spray

LOVED FOR: The soft and light scent that doesn’t overwhelm

BEST FOR: Refreshing yourself throughout the day with a couple spritzes 

Calvin Klein Euphoria Eau de Parfum

USERS SAID: “My secret weapon. I get asked everyday in social settings what I'm wearing. Buy it. You won't go unnoticed and don't feel you can "over-do it", in large social settings. Literally, watch the heads turn.”

BEST FOR: Creating a scent that’s both elegant and sensual

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau De Toilette Spray

BEST FOR: Keeping you smelling fresh from morning to night

USERS SAID: “Light Blue is such a wonderfully light but distinctive perfume. I love it and Amazon has the best prices.”

Calvin Klein ck one Eau de Toilette

USERS SAID: “I love it just as much as I did when it first came out. The only scent I will wear. Repeatedly have people asking me which perfume I am wearing. Subtle, light, refreshing, and elegant.”

WHY YOU NEED IT: When it comes to iconic brands like Calvin Klein, you can count on classic products and signature scents like this Eau de Toilette to become your go-to for years. 

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