Top 10 Massage Therapy Guns

Relieve Tension And Muscle Aches With These Best-Selling Massage Therapy Guns

Relieve Tension And Muscle Aches With These Best-Selling Massage Therapy Guns

Whether it's from a long workday or a killer workout, muscle soreness and tightness happens to all of us. While paying a visit to your fave masseuse can definitely help, dropping cash on pricey trips to the spa isn't always an option. The good news? A massage therapy gun can provide you with the relief you need, and given the fact that many of them don't cost much more than a few professional treatments, they're a real money saver too. To help you find the best one, we rounded up an algorithm-backed list of the Top 10 options on the market, all backed by best-selling buzz, editorial mentions, and real user reviews. From an Amazon find under $100 to the best-selling, investment-worthy Theragun G3Pro, keep scrolling to see and shop the best massage therapy guns you can buy. Opening image: @theragun

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April 20, 2020

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The Rankings

Gocheer Muscle Massage Gun
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Gocheer Muscle Massage Gun

WHAT IT DOES: Don't let the low price tag fool you—this massage gun comes with tons of impressive features. Not only is it ultra-quiet, but it also has 20-speed settings, four attachments, an LCD touch screen, and a five- to eight-hour battery life.

USERS SAID: "I spent $449 on a massage therapy gun that does not work nearly as well as this one does! I use it in my chiropractic office. The battery life is good, patients love it, and it's great for at-home use or in-office use! It is a wonderful product for a much cheaper price than similar options out there. I would for sure suggest this to any patient!"

Hyperice Hypervolt Plus Percussion Massage Device

BEST FOR: Athletes, this hard-working model is for you. With multiple attachments and three different speeds, it's the perfect way to soothe sore and stiff muscles post-workout.

LOVED FOR: According to reviewers, the Hypervolt definitely delivers when it comes to quiet but powerful percussion.

KoolerThings Massage Gun

WHY YOU NEED IT: Not only does this massage gun come with five different massage heads, 20-speed settings, and a long-lasting battery life, but it's also one of the most affordable on the list.

BEST FOR: With its lightweight, portable design, this tiny-but-mighty model is perfect for on the go. Toss one in your tote or carry-on during travel days—you'll thank us later for this.

Inuami Massage Gun

LOVED FOR: The LCD touchscreen makes this model feel so luxurious. It clearly displays the speed level and battery life, so it's a cinch to use.

USERS SAID: "This product is amazing. I've had shoulder pain for over three months and no matter what I did, it just would not go away. I finally bought this massager, and within three days, a significant amount of pain has been relieved. The bullet attachment gets the job done for me."

Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun Muscle Massager

BEST FOR: For a lightweight option, you can't go wrong with this Amazon find. It comes with the same top-notch features as most of the pricey massagers out there, but at just 2.2 pounds, it's exceptionally light and easy to use.

LOVED FOR: Reviewers say this model is similar to the cult-favorite Theragun G3 Pro (our #1 pick), but it's a fraction of the price. Run, don't walk.

Theragun G3

WHAT IT DOES: With four foam attachments, two speed settings, and up to 40 pounds of force, the G3 releases soreness, muscle tightness, and breaks up knots all without stalling. Though it's not quite as high-powered as the G3 Pro, it's $200 cheaper and still ultra-luxurious.

FROM THE EXPERTS: Theragun is scientifically calibrated to reach 60% deeper into muscle than the average massager.

LifePro Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

USERS SAID: "The Sonic handheld is amazing. I love that it has five speeds, and the lower speeds are great for muscle groups that are a little more sensitive at first. It's also quiet, which is a huge plus. I've used it twice so far and it’s been amazing. Highly recommend!"

FUN FACT: This massage gun has thousands of rave reviews and a lifetime warranty. You've got nothing to lose here, people.

Toloco T11 Pro Massage Gun

LOVED FOR: Unlike most massage guns, this ultra-powerful option won't slow down or weaken when you use extra force. Bye bye, sore muscles.

USERS SAID: "This thing is amazing! We've been using it almost daily since we got it, and we have loved it especially after working out and hiking! It's so easy to use and really gives you that deep massage that helps alleviate sore muscles. [...] We've also fully charged the battery upon receiving it and have not needed to recharge yet. About two weeks of daily use for two people!"

TimTam Power Massager

WHAT IT DOES: Created by MMA legend George St-Pierre, CrossFit and mobility coach Kelly Starrett, and track and field athlete Dominique Blake, this fan-favorite massager delivers 2,000 strokes per minute to break down knots, increase blood flow, and release lactic acid.

LOVED FOR: The 90-degree articulating head makes this one stand out from the rest—you'll have tons of angle options and multiple ways to apply pressure.

Theragun G3Pro

WHY YOU NEED IT: The most advanced and well-known option on the list, the G3Pro is the most powerful massage therapy gun you can get your hands on. With six attachments, an adjustable arm for full body reach, and two speed settings, it's definitely an investment, but so worth it.

HELPFUL TIP: Use the standard speed for deep treatment and the lighter speed for sensitive, sore areas.

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