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Top 10 Parasols and UV Umbrellas

Top-Rated Parasols and UV Umbrellas For Blocking The Sun In Style

Top-Rated Parasols and UV Umbrellas For Blocking The Sun In Style

As we grow to be far more health conscious, the masses are waking up to the fact that umbrellas have far more usages than for the rain. Namely, they're excellent for sun protection. Manufacturers have taken note and are not designing umbrellas to be smart, functional tools that can protect our skin. In fact, several of the umbrellas that follow have built-in UV protection up to 99%. And if you don't necessarily want the extra UV coating, there are plenty of gorgeous options in the form of parasol pagoda umbrellas that cut a striking figure. You'll feel as though you've been transported to another time when you open these canopies and stroll down the street. Take a good look at the top parasols and umbrellas that follow; it's a wise choice to protect your skin with such a tool—especially on those days when the ozone layer is extra thin. It doesn't hurt to look good while doing it, either! Opening image: amazon.com

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October 5, 2018

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The Rankings

Quasimoon Serenity Blue Parasol Umbrella
Rank & Style Approved


Quasimoon Serenity Blue Parasol Umbrella

LOVED FOR: Nostalgia anyone? These umbrellas look just like the life-size version of the ones you find in your tiki cocktails!

FUN FACT: Built from Bamboo and Nylon fabric, these can be hung upside-down as decoration too.

Nooformer Mini Travel Sun & Rain Umbrella

LOVED FOR: Consider this an upgrade to the mini umbrella that you keep in your purse or car. This one works for rain as well as features UV protection from the sun!

WHAT IT DOES: The canopy cloth with a layer of UV and water blocking coating allows this umbrella to block 95% of UV rays.

Honeystore Princess Lace UV Proof Parasol

BEST FOR: Full dome coverage. The umbrella is made with 8 ribs made from strong fiber for extra support.

USERS SAID: "It's beautiful! Ruffles are so cute. Sewn well. Love the bag that comes with it. I burn in the shade so this UVA safe umbrella is great. I love that I can use it on rainy days too!"

UV-Blocker UV Protection Travel Cooling Sun Blocking Umbrella

ABOUT THE BRAND: UV-Blocker umbrellas are recognized by the MIF as effective tools in the battle against skin cancer and a leader in sun safety.

FUN FACT: You'll stay 15 degrees cooler under the UV-Blocker sun umbrella with our patented Double Canopy Vented Mesh System.

Vivi Sky Pagoda Peak Old-Fashionable Umbrella Parasol

LOVED FOR: The peaked pagoda shape.

USERS SAID: "Beautiful umbrella! I bought the ivory one for my wedding in case it rained. It rained only a little and this umbrella made a beautiful photo prop. I ended up buying the black one as gifts to each of my bridesmaids and they loved them."

Outgeek Ladies Sunproof Umbrella Parasol

BEST FOR: This particular parasol is perfect for costume lovers of steampunk, goth, and the Victorian era.

HELPFUL TIP: True to its vintage-inspired roots, it does not feature an automatic release.

Outgeek Umbrella Retro Pagoda Parasol

LOVED FOR: This umbrella is large enough that it be used for two people walking side by side on a very sunny day.

USERS SAID: "This umbrella is surprisingly light! It's very thin and that makes it easy to carry. I'm using it to block the sun, so not sure how it does in windy or rainy conditions, but for sun blocking it's beautiful. The pagoda style makes it really cute."

Crackajack Lightweight Compact Travel Umbrella

BEST FOR: The short design of 7-inches makes its size similar to your cell phone. Any one of your purses can easily hold it.

USERS SAID: "I love this little umbrella! Since I had a basil cell carcinoma removed this year on the back of my neck, staying out of the sun is necessary for me. I bought this because of its UV protection."

Kung Fu Smith Women Vintage Travel Stick Rain Pagoda Parasol

HELPFUL TIP: This beautiful umbrella is somewhat fragile, so this won't be the choice for a windy day. 

USERS SAID: "I have never in my life received so many compliments on an umbrella! I originally bought it to be a prop in a show, and I received SO many compliments on it! It was worth every penny!"

Sun Tek 68" UV Protection Wind Cheater Vented Canopy Umbrella

ABOUT THE BRAND: SunTek umbrellas are designed to be the only umbrella you will ever need, no matter the situation, featuring rain or shine protection, cooling coating, a venting system, and fiberglass construction.

BEST FOR: Those who want a large canopy and two-person protection.

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