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Top 10 Period Products

The 10 Best Period Products to Help You Survive That Time of The Month

The 10 Best Period Products to Help You Survive That Time of The Month

What do Aunt Flo, shark week, and that time of the month have in common? They're all the more affectionate terms we use to describe oftentimes the most painful, messy, and even crippling week of our lives that comes around every 21 days: our menstrual cycle. Whether you struggle with uncomfortable leaks, ineffective cramp remedies, or you're searching for natural ways to beat PMS, this list of vetted period products is for you! Using our data-driven algorithm, real user reviews, and best-selling buzz, we sourced products that range from supplements to heat therapy to ensure your comfort is never compromised. Scroll to shop and see our Top 10 period products featuring organic tampons, a micro plush heating pad, therapeutic essential oils, pretty period panties, and more! With the help of these vetted, algorithm-approved products, the days of literally shrinking away from fun outings and constantly being on spot patrol during your heavy days are over. Check out the 10 best period products to help you survive during your time of the month! Opening image: @corawomen

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September 13, 2018

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The Rankings

PureTouch Feminine Wipes Naturals
Rank & Style Approved


PureTouch Feminine Wipes Naturals

BEST FOR: Everyday use

LOVED FOR: The individually wrapped wipes, soothing ingredients, and compact size for a purse or gym bag. 

Livia Instant Period Cramp Relief Treatment

WHAT IT DOES: This drug-free, FDA-approved product brings relief to period cramps in as little as 30 seconds.

FUN FACT: Livia includes a rechargeable battery that lasts on a 15 hour charge. 

Sunny Bay Menstrual Cramp and Pain Relief Heat Patches

WHAT IT DOES: These heat patches are air-activated to provide up to 6 hours of heat while you wear them and 8 additional hours of relief once they are removed. 

FUN FACT: This product has been clinically proven to alleviate menstrual cramps, relax tight muscles, and improve flexibility. 

Natures Way PMS with B6 and other B-Vitamins

USERS SAID: "This product is amazing! If turning into the incredible hulk and two minutes later crying and laughing at the same time is not your idea of a good month ; and when the dog, cat, friends and family want to move out of the house and your afraid of your own shadow every month, then THIS IS IT."

WHY YOU NEED IT: Unlike your traditional OTC cramp relief medications, this formula is made with powerful herbs and botanicals for relief the natural way. 

PMS Relief Essential Oil Blend

USERS SAID: "I suffered from a very bad hormonal imbalance. You name it night sweats, mood swings etc. I've been using this since the beginning of April and I've seen nothing but results. Libido is back in tact as well." 

LOVED FOR: The lovely aroma, FDA registered ingredients, and major therapeutic benefits 

Lena Menstrual Cup

BEST FOR: Beginner use 

FUN FACT: Take on the world––or any high-intensity activity––and enjoy up to 12 hours of protection. 

Hesta Women's Organic Cotton Period Sanitary Protective Panties

LOVED FOR: The lightweight, organic cotton and comfortable coverage

HELPFUL TIP: For best results and extra protection, use these panties along with panty liners or menstrual cups during bedtime. 

Pamprin Maximum Strength Multi-Symptom Menstrual Pain Relief Caplets

USERS SAID: "These pills are amazing! I came across them at a pharmacy and did wonders for me. They shorten my period by like a day, love that."

WHY YOU NEED IT: This tried-and-true treatment uses an antihistamine for irritability, a diuretic for bloating and weight gain, and a pain reliever for cramps and headaches. 

Pure Enrichment King Size Heating Pad

LOVED FOR: The soft microplush fibers, fast-heating features, and 5-year warranty.

FUN FACT: This heating pad features a moist heat option for safe moist and dry heat therapy.

Cora Variety Pack Organic Cotton Tampons with Applicator

BEST FOR: Providing healthy, comfortable, and highly-absorbent protection against even the heaviest flow.

WHAT IT DOES: Using a leak-proof, octogonal design, these tampons conform to your body and offer maximum coverage in even during the most rigorous activities.  

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