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Top 10 Playroom Essentials

No Playroom Is Complete Without These 10 Essentials For Toddlers And Kids

No Playroom Is Complete Without These 10 Essentials For Toddlers And Kids

The playroom can be a sanctuary... or a nightmare. To help you lower stress and take advantage of the effortless organization that clears the way for ample play space, we've found the top 10 items that you'll want to have in your playroom and surrounding areas during those sometimes tedious toddler days. We've found several products that will help you cut down on mess while developing your child's various cognitive skills at the same time. What's more, we even included some items that your young child's older siblings will even enjoy getting in on. Think private playhouses and larger scale multi-use play tables. It's a magical time in both a child and parent's life, and we want to help you take full advantage of these small moments—whether playing with building blocks or following more artistic pursuits. Take a look, and shop the 10 top-rated essentials any child will love! Opening image: amazon.com

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April 2, 2019

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Cedar Markers Magnet Chalk Board
Rank & Style Approved


Cedar Markers Magnet Chalk Board

THE MAGNETIC CHALK BOARD: Your child can start self-expression early, and start fresh every day, with a chalk board that doubles as a magnetic wall. 

HELPFUL TIP: We recommend you safely affix this chalkboard (27"x 20") to the wall to save on valuable floor space.  

Antsy Pants Farmers Market Fabric Cover

THE PLAY SHOP: Maybe your child will find out they have an undying passion for healthy eating while slinging the latest fresh fruits and veggies from behind this precious farmer's stand.

USERS SAID: "My 4-year-old was really excited about this toy, and I was too, as it has been great for imaginative play. Once put together it has withstood several days of rough play and my 11-month-old has yet to knock it over! The white countertop is actually really sturdy and has held multiple items my daughter has been pretending to sell."

Petite Maison Play House Tent

THE PLAYHOUSE: What feels more enchanting to a child than to have their own private play space, perfectly sized to scale for their bite-sized life?

USERS SAID: "I bought this for my 7 and 2-year-old girls! I don't think you can put a price on sanity. This tent is worth the money. They both spent 3 hours in it today Reading books and playing together!"

Melissa & Doug Denim Armchair

THE TODDLER-SIZED LOUNGE CHAIR: Your little one will feel like quite the grown up in this toddler-sized chair. 

BEST FOR: Melissa & Doug’s chair for kids and preschoolers is built from high-quality materials with sturdy construction, giving you a reliable piece of children’s furniture that can be passed along to siblings in the future. Who doesn't appreciate a hand-me-down?

HouseArtCo Set Of 3 Prints

INSPIRATIONAL ART: Create an elegant statement with art according to the theme of your baby's nursery. 

WHY YOU NEED IT: When you create a space that's as comfortable and soothing for you as it is for your little one, you will relish the hours spent there together. 

OrganizerLogic Canvas Storage Basket

THE TOY BIN: The older your child (or children) gets, the more toys they're sure to acquire. Reduce the headache by opting for items that come with their own storage systems—or create your own. 

HELPFUL TIP: Lightweight canvas storage bins with reinforced handles allow you to carry the load easier. 

Baby Relax Hunter 3 Piece Kiddy Table and Chair Set

TABLE AND CHAIRS: Your tike will feel large and in charge with their very own multi-use table to craft and eat on. Not to mention, you'll be able to start working on table manners during to mealtime. 

USERS SAID: "This table and chair set is perfect for my kiddo who's getting resistant to going in the high chair for his meals (he wants to be like the grown-ups)."

Milliard Car Rug Road Play Mat

THE PLAY MAT: Keep your kids engaged in play for hours with this roadmap play mat—a perfect base for use with building blocks, toy cars, dolls, and more! 

LOVED FOR: This mat features non-slip backing making it a safe surface for playtime

KidKraft 2-in-1 Activity Table with Board

THE ACTIVITY TABLE: Best for children over 3 years of age, this table offers a space for lego building, car racing, learning and more.

LOVED FOR: The multi-activity play table includes a reversible top for legos or a smooth surface for other play. 

Tot Tutors Toy Storage Organizer

VISIBLE TOY BINS: Organize your toys by category, and you'll never be left wondering, "Where did I put that?" ever again!

BEST FOR: You'll be able to teach color identification as well as sorting and other cognitive skills by using visible toy bins. 

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