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Top 10 Puffer Jackets And Coats

10 Top-Rated Puffer Jackets Reign Supreme In Form And Function

10 Top-Rated Puffer Jackets Reign Supreme In Form And Function

Puffer jackets never particularly went out of style, but they've certainly made a stylish comeback over the past few seasons. And it makes sense—after living in sweatpants for about a year, many of us are still prioritizing comfort above all else. With winter on its way, what better way to do that than with a stylish topper that's basically the next best thing to wearing a duvet outside? 

From sleek, condensed iterations to ultra-fluffy versions in bold colorways, puffer jackets just keep getting cuter and cuter. While we'd once only reach for them to achieve a sportier look or accompany us on an outdoor adventure, they now make a stylish addition to any chilly day outfit. The best part? They've still very much maintained their practicality aspect. Unlike something faux fur or wool, a puffer jacket is a fashionable outerwear option that can actually withstand the elements—snowstorms and all.

With that, we've rounded up a list of the best puffer jackets and coats on the market right now, all of which perfectly merge the words form and function. From affordable, packable options to the splurgy North Face celebs are obsessed with, there's a fluffy, plushy pick on this list for every budget and taste.

How We Found The Best Puffer Jackets And Coats

To round up this list of the best puffer jackets and coats, we turned to the help of our unbiased algorithm. This proprietary tool finds and ranks the top products out there by factoring in reviews, best-seller lists, editor recommendations, and more. Ahead, see the 10 jackets and coats that made the cut and find your new go-to.

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January 18, 2022

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