Top 10 Staff Picks Of The Year

10 Products That Changed The Lives Of Our Rank & Style Team In 2020

10 Products That Changed The Lives Of Our Rank & Style Team In 2020

One of the biggest perks of working for Rank & Style is the fact that we get to take some pretty amazing products for a spin. If we're being completely honest, at this point, we don't think there's much we've yet to see. And over the past year, it's safe to say we've collectively made countless purchases, discovered tons of new brands, and tried dozens of beauty best-sellers—but we'd be lying if we told you every single one of them changed our lives. It probably comes as no shock, but not every product performs well in the revolutionary category. However, we're all about bringing you the best of the best, and it only feels right to start 2021 with a list of the products that did change our lives in 2020—think sunscreens that transformed our skin, skincare tools that prevent you from wasting product, a serum that tans you in your sleep, and more. Keep scrolling to discover our number-one fashion and beauty buys of 2020, read about why we love them, then shop your faves so you can obsess over them with us. Opening image: @supergoop

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January 8, 2021

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The Rankings

Tan-Luxe The Face Illuminating Self-Tan Drops
Rank & Style Approved


Tan-Luxe The Face Illuminating Self-Tan Drops

STAFF SAYS: "I am seriously so obsessed with these face tanning drops! I was a tad weary before I purchased, but so happy I did. Just mix a few drops with your night facial moisturizer and boom!—tan, glowing face the next morning!"—Taylor Reagan, Site Merchandising Associate 

LOVED FOR: This best-selling product couldn't be easier to use. Cruelty- and toxin-free, just a few drops can transform your favorite moisturizer, serum, or face oil into a bespoke self-tanner.

Snooz White Noise Sound Machine

STAFF SAYS: "This is seriously the greatest sound machine of all time! It blows all others out of the water. If you are looking to drastically improve your quality of sleep, splurge on this! I am so addicted to it, I even bought a second one to use for my travels."—Emma Manning, Digital Brand Manager

WHAT IT DOES: Unlike other sound machines, Snooz uses a real fan versus a looped track, is app-enabled, and the tone is adjustable.

M-61 PowerGlow Peel

STAFF SAYS: "I was a bit hesitant to try these because my face has never reacted well to any type of face wipe or cloth before, however, after receiving a sample and knowing that it’s topped quite a few of our Top 10 lists, I decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did because I’m now obsessed. These chemical exfoliating pads are both extremely easy to use and effective. I can’t recommend them enough."—Meredith Rimmer, Managing Editor

WHAT IT DOES: This exfoliating peel resurfaces and clarifies the skin to help firm, improve tone and texture, and reduce the size of pores.

Outdoor Voices All Day Hoodie & Sweatpant

STAFF SAYS: "I got this Outdoor Voices CloudKnit set for Christmas after eyeing it for a few years, and my life is changed forever. It is extremely soft and so flattering. I need every color now!"—Taylor DeBaylo, Site Merchandising Associate

WHY YOU NEED IT: Rave reviewers hail this pick as their "quarantine uniform." In fact, this Outdoor Voices set is so comfy, it hardly has any negative reviews.

Supergoop! Glowscreen SPF 40

STAFF SAYS: "I’ve always been bad about skipping the SPF in my daily skincare routine, but this stuff has totally changed that. It provides the prettiest glowy base underneath my foundation, doubles as an excellent primer, and best of all, it doesn’t feel like sunscreen."—Kate Ferris, Associate Editor

LOVED FOR: This lightweight SPF 40 formula doubles as a moisturizer and makeup primer. 

Yeti Rambler 36 Oz Bottle With Chug Cap

STAFF SAYS: "Let’s be real—drinking enough water is hard. For me personally, the real challenge is finding a vessel that’s easy to carry and can endure all of the drops it will inevitably endure in its lifetime. Enter: YETI. It’s potentially the only water bottle that holds enough liquid, keeps my water cold, and can survive my regular clumsy accidents."—Caitlin Rounds, Staff Writer

WHY YOU NEED IT: You can use this cult-favorite bottle to keep your beverages hot or cold until the very last sip. 

C.S.M. Body Brush

STAFF SAYS: "As part of my wellness and self-care routine, I have incorporated the regular use of this dry brush. I use it in the morning before I shower, and the results are incredible. Not only does it exfoliate and smooth the skin, but there’s also an energizing quality to the routine. It’s a great way to start the day."—Beth Zerdecki, Chief Product & Marketing Officer

WHAT IT DOES: If you're looking to try out the centuries-old beauty ritual that is dry brushing, you can't go wrong with this affordable body brush. The $12 tool can simultaneously boost circulation, aid with lymphatic drainage, and exfoliate dead skin, leaving you with a gorgeous, glowing complexion after each massage sesh.

Opiqcey Silicone Face Mask Brush

STAFF SAYS: "I know this may seem like a small, unassuming pick for a life-changing product, but it really is for those of us with longer nails! This brush has been a lifesaver when it comes to applying any of my masks, creams, or lotions. I no longer have to worry about digging out product from under my nails, missing some, and then tasting it if I eat with my hands (I know, gross!). Thanks to these $4 superstars, I’ve officially said bye-bye to wasted product."—Maiya Evans, Email Marketing Manager

WHAT IT DOES: This hairless brush applicator set evenly applies thin layers of skincare products without irritating sensitive skin.

Vuori Performance Joggers

STAFF SAYS: "At the start of the pandemic, I stocked up on loungewear and have been living in these joggers ever since! They are incredibly comfortable, lightweight, and great quality. Whether I’m walking the dog or working from home, this is the first pair of pants I grab out of my closet in the morning. I think it’s time for me to order more colors!"—Georgia Jones, Site Merchandising Assistant

WHERE TO WEAR: These top-rated joggers are oh-so-versatile. You can wear them to the gym, to walk the dog, or on a run. 

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush

STAFF SAYS: "I’m sure you've all seen this hair tool everywhere, but I am obsessed! I literally threw my straightener away after purchasing it. It gives my hair the best volume in record time. I can’t suggest it enough!"—Molly Parken, Marketing Associate

FUN FACT: This baby has over 140,000 rave reviews on Amazon.

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