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Top 10 Treatments For Oily Hair

Treatments That Will Cure Your Oily Roots For Good

Treatments That Will Cure Your Oily Roots For Good

Oily hair is easily the trickiest type to deal with. While drenching your strands in shampoo as often as possible may seem like the simplest solution, overwashing actually activates the sebaceous oil glands and results in more grease. And sure, dry shampoo is always a quick fix, but too much of it causes icky buildup, which can result in—you guessed it—even more oiliness. This is why it's important to seek out products that are specially formulated to handle this stubborn hair type—think lightweight oils like argan and jojoba, and do your best to steer clear of parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances. But don't worry—we won't send you to search for them yourself. Ahead, we've rounded up the Top 10 products for tackling oily strands, thanks to the help of our data-driven algorithm that factors in best-selling buzz, editorial mentions, and real user reviews. From shampoos to scalp scrubs to supplements, keep scrolling to shop the products that made the cut and kick grease to the curb for good. Opening image: @actandacre

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February 24, 2020

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The Rankings

Alterna Haircare Caviar Anti-Aging Clinical Densifying Leave-In Root Treatment
Rank & Style Approved


Alterna Haircare Caviar Anti-Aging Clinical Densifying Leave-In Root Treatment

WHAT IT DOES: Skincare is usually what comes to mind when most people think of anti-aging, however, it's actually possible to give your hair a youth boost too. Formulated with Alterna Haircare's Red Clover Growth Complex, this leave-in treatment instantly stimulates the scalp to allow healthier, thicker, younger-looking hair to surface.

USERS SAID: "My hair and skin are super, super oily. I normally have to wash my hair every day. I am almost finished with my first bottle of this product and have noticed a huge difference—my hair is significantly less oily, and I can even skip a day of shampooing now!

Head & Shoulders Instant Oil Control Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

BEST FOR: If your budget doesn't currently allow for luxury beauty purchases, don't fret—this top-rated shampoo from Head & Shoulders leaves hair feeling ultra-clean and oil-free after just one wash. Bonus: it'll take care of dandruff, too.

USERS SAID: "I had buildup from a different, even more expensive shampoo that was leaving my hair uncomfortably greasy for weeks. I tried multiple solutions, and finally, someone recommended this product to me. After only one wash, the buildup disappeared, and my hair is softer than it has been in months. 10/10 recommend!" 

Kérastase Specifique Shampoo For Oily Scalp

WHAT IT DOES: Just because you have oiliness in one spot doesn't mean you don't have dryness in another. The experts at Kérastase know this, which is why they formulated this shampoo to deeply cleanse greasy areas while nourishing the dry and dull ones.

LOVED FOR: According to reviewers, this shampoo is the reason they can go multiple days without washing.

Ouai Haircare Oily Scalp Supplement

BEST FOR: If you've tried every scalp serum and spray in the game, these supplements from Ouai are an excellent approach. Packed with sebum-regulating green tea extract and niacin, the capsules work to control oil and accelerate hair growth for the ultimate transformation.

HELPFUL TIP: This one requires patience, but we promise it's worth it—you'll see drastic results within 90 days.

Amika Reset Clarifying Gel Shampoo

WHY YOU NEED IT: Dry shampoo is great and all, but it does have its setbacks. Using too much of it can result in buildup, which is exactly what you don't want if you have oily hair. Amika's unique gel formula deeply cleanses without leaving behind any evidence, and thanks to Indian cress extract, it nourishes the scalp too.

COMPLETE THE LOOK: Once you give this a go, you're going to want to try the Cooling Gel Conditioner, too. And don't worry, it won't leave your locks greasy.

Act+Acre Cold Processed Scalp Detox

WHAT IT DOES: One of the best ways to tackle oiliness is to get to the root (literally) of the problem—a healthy scalp equals healthy hair. This weekly treatment starts right at the hair follicles to remove product buildup, pollution, and impurities, resulting in strands that feel soft, nourished, and moisturized.

HELPFUL TIP: For best results, let it sit and soak into your scalp for 15 to 20 minutes. Your gorgeous, non-greasy locks will thank you later.

Aveda Rosemary Mint Purifying Shampoo

BEST FOR: If you prefer a natural formula, this find from Aveda is an excellent option. It's 96% naturally derived and uses white vinegar and micelles to cleanse, so it's far gentler than the standard treatments on the shelf.

USERS SAID: "I started using this in the summertime for a refreshing feel for my scalp, but now I use it year-round! The smell is divine, and it removes buildup from your hair and scalp without drying it out. It doesn't give your hair the feeling of being 'stripped' like some other purifying shampoos."

Dphue Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

BEST FOR: If your hair is in a particularly fragile state, this fuss-free hair rinse is an excellent alternative to a stripping shampoo. The simple formula contains apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, and lavender extract to gently cleanse and remove impurities without drying it out or robbing hair of its good oils.

USERS SAID: "Upon first looking at this, I thought it was a silly product when I could just get apple cider vinegar WAY cheaper at a grocery store. Then I saw all the other ingredients listed and quickly caught on that this isn’t just apple cider vinegar. I’ve been using this about two weeks now, and my hair feels so much healthier, and my ombré is staying put!"

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo

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Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo


9147 User Reviews


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Best Clean Scalp Scrub

WHAT TO LOVE: With its micro exfoliants and cooling sensation, this deeply nourishing shampoo scrub feels more like an indulgent self-care session than a scalp exfoliator. According to reviewers, it'll make your scalp feel ultra-clean and keep you from having to wash your hair for days. Yes, days.

NOTEWORTHY DETAILS: If you're looking for a scalp scrub for dandruff, this one's a good option; a whopping 100% of participants who tested this shampoo said it defeated the dreaded flakes and irritation on their scalps.

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty

Christophe Robin Purifying Scalp Scrub With Sea Salt

WHAT IT DOES: We didn't think anything could top the Briogeo exfoliating shampoo above, but lo and behold, Christophe Robin's version takes the cake. This one contains sea salt and sweet almond oil (yes, you bet it smells good) to remove residue, hydrate, and smooth, working to rebalance sensitive, flaky, and oily scalps.

HELPFUL TIP: You can also use this as a post-color treatment to calm any tingling or itching sensations.

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