Current Obsessions

A Deep Dive Into The Current Obessesions Of The Rank & Style Team

Current Obsessions

Current Obsessions is a recurring series in which the Rank & Style staff dishes on all their favorite things. From what we're wearing to what we're watching to what we're eating, read on to discover everything our staff is doing and loving at the moment. 

It’s safe to say our day-to-day lives look a lot different than they did six months ago. With gyms closed, restaurants restricted to take-out orders only, and many offices on a work-from-home basis, the closest thing we’re getting to “going out” these days is taking a trip from our bedrooms to the fridge. In the midst of all this, it’s easy to start feeling cooped up, powerless, and just plain uninspired.

But if there’s such a thing as a silver lining to come out of the chaos, it’s the fact that we now have an abundance of time to devote to the things we usually don’t. Whether it's diving into that book you bought ages ago or trying a few new recipes, there are so many things you can do to keep yourself busy while you’re stuck inside and, in turn, help keep your spirits up and avoid getting cabin fever in the process.

Ahead, we’re sharing the ways in which the Rank & Style staff has been doing just that. From the clothes we're living in to our new fave Netflix shows, keep scrolling to see what we've been up to lately.


"Athleisure! I’m late to the game on a cute athleisure wardrobe, but thanks to Athleta and Old Navy, I have totally upped my workout wear look!"—Dalton Young, Chief Operating Officer

"A bunch of cute loungewear! I can’t stop buying matching sweatpants and tops. Having cute loungewear makes me feel more put-together at home!"—Molly Parken, Marketing Associate

"I just moved into a new apartment, so I'm all about the home goods right now. Topping the list are Parachute's linen bedding, a gorgeous credenza from Crate & Barrel, and a velvet sectional from Article."—Kate Ferris, Associate Editor

"I just bought a bunch of items to spruce up my porch. I live in a one-bedroom apartment, so I want to utilize every square inch! I bought a jute rug and some hanging planters from Amazon, a cute table from Anthropologie, and some wicker chairs from Ikea. Even though it’s so hot in Austin, I love to go sit outside when the sun is down!"—Taylor Ohlenburger, Site Merchandising Associate

"I just moved so all of my recent purchases have been home goods! I needed everything from a new bed to a kitchen table, so I’ve been busy looking for furniture. I just found the cutest kitchen table and matching chairs online at Target!"—Georgia Jones, Site Merchandising Assistant

"The real question is what am I NOT buying? From beauty to new home decor to clothing! Even though we're still working from home, I've been buying cute, summery dresses to make myself feel better when we have a few friends over in our new house and backyard!"—Taylor Reagan, Site Merchandising Associate

"Give me all the activewear! Since there isn’t much to do nowadays, I’ve been frequenting the gym more often than usual so workout gear is my go-to! I don’t think I’ve worn normal clothes since March (oops!)."—Emma Manning, Digital Brand Manager

"All of my shopping has been for the home lately—anything from a new lamp to outdoor furniture. Oh, and the inflatable pool that everyone else purchased this summer!"—Beth Zerdecki, Chief Product & Marketing Officer

"All things beauty! Since I’m no longer wearing makeup every day, I’ve taken this time as an opportunity to revamp my skincare routine. I just recently bought a duo of Sunday Riley’s Good Genes serum and the CEO Glow face oil, and my face is absolutely LOVING it!"—Maiya Evans, Digital Marketing Assistant

"I am a product junkie and quarantine has not curbed my addiction. I love trying 'all the things' and have recently discovered amazing new tools and face masks that are now essentials in my beauty routine!"—Jamie Chandlee, CEO

"I just bought myself some Catbird jewelry. I felt the need to treat myself to some little gold treasures."—Meredith Rimmer, Managing Editor


"Does wine count as a food? But seriously, my family has been devouring Culina Yogurts as a healthy snack when we aren’t bingeing on Cheetos."—Dalton

"I am a major snacker and being home all day isn't helping! My go-to right now is Siete chips… all day, every day!"—Jamie

"I'm finally back in Austin after four months of quarantining back home in South Texas, and I am dying to get some takeout from my favorite ATX restaurants. Elizabeth Street Cafe, Justine's, and Wu Chow will without a doubt be my first stops."—Kate

"I’ve been trying new things from Trader Joe’s lately. Since we’ve been home for months, I feel like I was making the same few meals over and over. Some of my favorites have been chicken potstickers with stir fry and cauliflower and cheese ravioli.”—Taylor O.

"We’ve been getting HelloFresh and HomeChef dinners delivered. They have really good restaurant-quality meals, and we turn on some music and prepare and cook them together. We get to spend quality time together and have great meals, and the leftovers are so nice for lunch the next day!”—Troy Green, Chief Technology Officer

"I too have been loving my meal kits from HelloFresh! I also get fresh groceries from Imperfect Foods, a great way to ensure our home is stocked with fruits and vegetables when quick trips to the grocery store are something we try to avoid."—Beth

"I love watching Claire Saffitz’s Gourmet Makes YouTube videos from Bon Appetit, so I’ve been trying to recreate some of her recipes! I can’t wait for her cookbook Dessert Person to come out in October!"—Georgia

"I started macro counting back in June and it’s changed my life! I am loving all things from @lillieeatsandtells and can’t stop making all of her yummy stuff."—Emma

"Brass Roots Sacha Inchi seed butter. It’s embarrassing the number of orders I’ve placed for this particular seed butter over the last few months."—Meredith


"Currently reading Regretting You by Colleen Hoover. I just started, but I’ve loved her other books. My quarantine goal is to alternate between fiction and something educational. White Fragility is up next!"—Emily Carter, Digital Marketing Manager

"I just finished Lot by Bryan Washington. I read it as a part of Genevieve Padelecki of Nowandgen’s new book club. It’s a short story collection set in Houston and perfectly captures the city’s multicultural community. The writing and stories are amazing—Bryan Washington is a total genius."—Dalton

“I am currently halfway through How To Be Black by Baratunde Thurston. A recommendation from a friend, this book has me in stitches! While a comedic memoir of the author’s trials and tribulations or “coming-of-blackness” story, this book is a good read that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt out of place in life or like the odd man out in their story."—Maiya

"I’m about halfway through with the book Untamed by Glennon Doyle. It really has me thinking about the way I live my life! I also really enjoyed All Adults Here by Emma Staub, an easy read that kept me thoroughly entertained—a great book to read just before bed."—Beth

"We've been reading How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi as a team here at R&S, and as someone who thought they understood what it meant to be antiracist, this book has truly been such an eye-opener. If you want to get out there and do something about the racial inequality that exists in today's world but don't know where to start, read this book."—Kate


"It’s not new, but I’ve picked back up rollerblading after a 25-year hiatus. It’s my new favorite way to ‘walk’ the dog. Thank god COVID killed vanity—or did it make helmets and protective gear a new cool look? Either way, I’m hooked on blading again!”—Dalton

"I've picked up painting again! Having to be home 24/7, I needed a little break during the day to take my stress away. I forgot how much I loved it!"—Taylor R.

"I just recently started looking into how to make my own textiles/fabric! I’m starting with dyes as my first stepping stone and just ordered a fabric marbling kit (cousin to tie-dye) that I am BEYOND excited to get my hands on and make some cool masks with."—Maiya

"I've never been a huge at-home workout fan, but after signing up for Obé Fitness, I am absolutely hooked. You can watch previous workout videos on-demand or participate in live classes, and you can do anything from kickboxing to barre to yoga. Since each workout is only 28 minutes, they fit into my schedule so easily."—Kate

"BBL! I have been wanting to dip my toes into the world of lasers but was worried about the downtime with our hectic schedule! Now has been the perfect time to try something new and I am loving the results! I am totally hooked!"—Jamie

"Flossing... as in my teeth. I’ve been bad about it in the past and I’m trying to be better. I bought some Cocofloss recently—which is like really chic floss (if that’s even a thing)—so it’s helped to keep me motivated and on track.”—Meredith


"Jean shorts all day every day when I’m not in exercise clothes. Summer uniform!"—Dalton

"I live in matching sets! Whether it’s a cute activewear set from Outdoor Voices with a basic tee or a cozy loungewear set from Target, I love the simplicity of sets.”—Taylor O.

"Everything that I’ve been tie-dying! Tie-dye has become such a trend, and it’s such a fun way to turn your old clothing into super trendy pieces!"—Taylor R.

"Shorts and t-shirts! Shoes? Never. I’m pretty sure my feet have spread out to be a size wider..."—Troy

"I’ve been living in the Outdoor Voices TechSweat Cami Tank Top all summer! It’s the perfect top to beat the Texas heat, plus it is super comfortable to lounge in. At this point, I think I own it in four different colors!"—Georgia

"Can you say graphic tees? My go-to look while working from home has almost always revolved around some mood-boosting tee that has been hiding in the back of my closet. The punchier the better!"—Maiya

"I have been living in the matching sets lately. Sweatpants, sweat shorts, sweatshirts—so cozy, but kinda makes it look like I tried."—Kate

"I am not a tennis player, but I sure am looking the part these days! Tennis skirts have become my go-to nearly everyday while working from home! Outdoor Voices and Amazon are my favorites so far."—Jamie

"Bright, cheerful colors and relaxed, breathable fabrics have been my go-to. Usually in the form of a tie-dye tank or hot-pink t-shirt dress. The happy colors really help to elevate my mood!"—Beth

"When I’m not in workout clothes, I almost always have on a light summer dress that I can throw on in the mornings for Zoom meetings to look a little more put together. Zara has been my go-to and I’ve had these H&M dresses on repeat."—Emma


"Schitt’s Creek is hysterical and the episodes are short, which perfectly fits my TV attention span. A must watch!"—Dalton

"I’ve been rewatching Sex And The City. Because '90s fashion is having a moment right now, it’s so fun seeing how some of their outfits are making a comeback."—Taylor O.

"The Marvel movies have been consuming my life these days! I’ve been watching them all in chronological order and have six more to go!"—Georgia

"Does my computer monitor count? I feel like I’ve been staring at that for four straight months!"—Troy

"I have found myself on a serious nostalgia-fueled supernatural kick. I’ve been rewatching all of the supernatural flicks and shows I loved, going as far back as the fourth grade! Spanning from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, I have been giving myself a crash course re-education in all the creatures that go bump in the night, and yes, that even includes a certain clan of glittery vampires (I'm looking at you Twilight)."—Maiya

"Normal People! Holy smokes... I cannot stop! You’re welcome! :)"—Jamie

"I'm obsessed with true crime, and I finally got around to watching True Detective and Mindhunter as well as a few documentaries. I also have a serious obsession with Stranger Things, and I started rewatching that to give myself a little refresher before the new season comes out."—Kate

"I threw it back to my high school days and just finished re-watching Gossip Girl. It may have taken me three months (I am not a TV person) but we did it! Will now be counting down the days until I can go back to NYC!"—Emma

"Here’s my summer list: The Great, Little Fires Everywhere, Upload, Billions, Defending Jacob, Sex Education, Dead to Me, The Politician, Hollywood, Love Life, and I’m now currently watching re-runs of House."—Meredith

Opening image: Photo by Yan from Pexels

July 29, 2020

Written By:Rank & Style

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