Top 10 Beauty Products For Sleep

End Your Nighttime Routine With Beauty Products That Will Help You Sleep Through The Night

End Your Nighttime Routine With Beauty Products That Will Help You Sleep Through The Night

Since the beginning of forever, our mothers and grandmothers before them have always encouraged a full night of beauty sleep. But let's be real, with the increase of screen time, everyday stressors, and even struggles with mental health, getting 8 hours of sleep is next to impossible. For many of us, falling asleep in less than an hour is a miraculous feat. For even more of us, staying asleep and waking up refreshed is a miracle. The result of little sleep is always more coffee, more concealer, and less Sleeping Beauty vibes. Something has got to give, and we've started the search for the best products to help improve sleep the natural way. We've put our exclusive algorithm to work and gathered recommendations from user data to find the 10 best beauty products for achieving a deep and restful night's sleep. Browse top-rated products ranging from the most luxurious silk pillowcases to all-natural essential oils that are proven and vetted by real users to help you catch all the Z's every single night. Opening image: @renskincare

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January 9, 2019

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slip for beauty sleep Slipsilk Pure Silk Pillowcase
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slip for beauty sleep Slipsilk Pure Silk Pillowcase

USERS SAID: "The softest pillowcases I have ever had! I am in love with them. I never knew what I was missing until I slept on silk for the first time. I don't think I can go back to cotton, no matter what the thread count! If you want to treat yourself or want a special gift for someone else, I highly recommend this pillowcase!

LOVED FOR: Both anti-crease and anti-tangle, this luxurious pillowcase will help keep your skin from aging and hair from breaking.

The Beauty Chef SLEEP Inner Beauty Powder

USERS SAID: "I absolutely love this powder! I add it to my tea before bed and it helps me sleep soundly through the night. I suffer from pretty severe anxiety which often occurs at night, however since I've been taking this supplement, I haven't experienced any anxiety."

WHAT IT DOES: This tonic contains 1.5 billion probiotics to support gut health and is bio-fermented to increase its potency for easier body absorption. The result is calmed nerves and supported antioxidant activity to help you get a deep, restful night's sleep.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

LOVED FOR: This serum features a blend of delightful-smelling botanical oils to smooth skin's texture overnight so you wake up with radiant skin in the morning. 

HELPFUL TIP: This product can be used alone or with a moisturizer. 

Hey Girl Bedtime Tea for Stress and Anxiety Relief

BEST FOR: Combatting insomnia, anxiety, and stress

FUN FACT: This tea is all-natural and made of non-habit forming ingredients.

Hera Nature Good Sleep Essential Oil Blend

USERS SAID: "This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! A scent that keeps be calm, but not drowsy. It’s a fresh scent that can be used all over the home."

FUN FACT: This product is made in the USA.

Dr. Teal's Lavender Epsom Salt

BEST FOR: All skin types

WHAT IT DOES: This best-selling soaking solution is formulated with lavender to calm, moisturize, and soothe the skin before bed. 

Asutra Silk Eye Pillow

LOVED FOR: This hypoallergenic sleep mask is made of 100% silk and organic lavender to help you relax and refresh.

HELPFUL TIP: In addition to a great bedtime accessory, this eye mask can be used for meditation, migraine and headache relief, and Shavasana during yoga. 

Murad Beauty RESTore Sleep Oral Spray

WHAT IT DOES: This oral spray delivers key neuro-nutrients for better sleep. GABA and L-Theanine help to decompress and promote relaxation while melatonin helps to regulate your body's circadian rhythm for a restful sleep. 

HELPFUL TIP: For best results, use one hour before bedtime. 

OLLY Restful Sleep Gummy Supplement

USERS SAID: "I've tried other sleep products like the sleep drinks and other gummies but I keep coming back for these! They've worked the best out of any of the others I've tried! I fall asleep fast and stay asleep for the whole night. I also wake up feeling great! No hangover feeling at all!"

LOVED FOR: The sweet, natural taste and chemical-free, sleep-promoting ingredients 

Ren Clean Skincare And Now to Sleep Pillow Spray

BEST FOR: Relieving stress and combatting insomnia while promoting anti-aging benefits

WHAT IT DOES: This product features hops as a natural sedative and frankincense to lower anxiety levels and chronic stress levels with a grounding, calming scent. 

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