Top 10 Beauty Waters

Drink Your Way To Healthier Glowing Skin With One Of These Wellness Waters

Drink Your Way To Healthier Glowing Skin With One Of These Wellness Waters

We've heard it a million times. The secret to a lasting youthful glow is a good night's sleep and lots of water. But the real secret is the kind of water. Let us introduce you to your new age-defying, pH balancing, ultra-hydrating drink of choice. We've done our research and compiled the Top 10 beauty waters that not only improve skin, hair, and nails, but also help fight acid reflux, promote cardiovascular health, increase cognitive function, and have all kinds of other amazing health benefits. With ingredients like charcoal, aloe, and collagen, these waters beautify from the inside out. The fountain of youth awaits, and it comes bottled. Opening image: @SakaraLife

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May 10, 2018

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DRINKmaple Pure Maple Water
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DRINKmaple Pure Maple Water

LOVED FOR: Straight from Vermont maple trees, this drink contains more manganese than 1 cup of kale and is packed with 46 vitamins!

BEST FOR: Coconut water connoisseurs who aren't so into the typical sugar content

Sakara Beauty + Detox Water Drops

LOVED FOR: Healthier skin, nails, and hair are only a droplet or two away thanks to this combo of rosewater and minerals.

FUN FACT: The detox water drops are awesome for preventing hangovers!

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

BEST FOR: Not only does alkaline water help with acid reflux, it also helps balance your body's pH levels and acts as an antioxidant!

FUN FACT: Feel good in more ways than one when you buy a liter of Waiakea. For each liter purchased, they'll donate a week of clean water to those in need through an organization called Pump Aid. 

Dirty Lemon +Collagen

LOVED FOR: The collagen in this drink helps reduce wrinkles and tighten skin.

USERS SAID: "I love all the Dirty Lemon drink flavors but this one is my mid-day go to for that extra burst of energy I need mid-afternoon. I love the pure ingredients these products have and only 15 calories is fantastic! I highly recommend this to anyone!"

Ayala's Herbal Water

LOVED FOR: Warm chai tea flavors get a refreshing twist

HELPFUL TIP: Not a fan of cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon? There are five flavors of Ayala's Herbal Water, all made from totally organic ingredients. 

blk Spring Water Infused with Fulvic Acid

USERS SAID: "My skin and hair felt much softer after drinking this for 3 months. I tried it during the winter Utah months which dries me out like no other. This water helped my body stay hydrated better than the average tap or other brands I've tried. I keep it in the house at all times. There is NO flavor to this but it is a mind game drinking black water. Once you get over it, it's just water...regular water with no flavor."

LOVED FOR: This water is full of fulvic acid, an ingredient known to help with skin related issues like eczema, rashes, and even bug bites.

Neuro Sleep Drink

BEST FOR: Believers in beauty sleep

USERS SAID: "OMG. My husband and I love these drinks. We cannot live with out them. No grumpy hangover in the morning like other nighttime meds. And some melatonin wakes you up after taking a few hours. We sleep through the night peacefully. THIS STUFF IS THE BEST."

Aloe Gloe Organic Aloe Water

LOVED FOR: The refreshing flavors, like lemonade and white grape

FUN FACT: Aloe vera isn't just for topical application, ingesting aloe vera improves skin and cardiovascular health!

Essentia Ionized Alkaline 9.5 pH Bottled Water

BEST FOR: Purification, electrolytes, and ionization mean better hydration than your typical bottled water.

USERS SAID: "I drink these to get my electrolytes and stay hydrated. The taste is great and they help me keep up a healthy alkaline level."

Vita Coco Coconut Water

BEST FOR: A natural source of electrolytes and potassium to energize you throughout the day.

LOVED FOR: Compared to other brands, this is as close to drinking straight out of a coconut that you'll get! 

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