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Top 10 Tailored Pants

Meet The Dress Pants Reviewers Love For Their Polished And Sleek Fits

Meet The Dress Pants Reviewers Love For Their Polished And Sleek Fits

Our Top 10 Lists help shoppers quickly and easily find what they need. Using an intense review and approval process (which you can learn more about here), we break down the best products according to what consumers most commonly search for and want.

When you think of tailored pants, it’s likely nothing fashion forward, trendy or even appealing comes to mind. But the truth is tailored pants for women can actually be fashionable. Whether you go to work in the office or not, having a pair of polished tailored dress pants in your wardrobe is a must. They’re sure to come in handy at some point. And these days with dressy pants becoming more appropriate for semi-formal events like weddings, business dinners and ceremonies, you’ll appreciate having a quality pair of tailored pants to lean on when you don’t want to deal with a dress or skirt. That’s why we found the best tailored pants for women that money can buy. From traditional style’s to unique options with some flare, we found the best tailored pants for women to date.

Our Method For Finding The Best Tailored Pants for Women

Thanks to our unique algorithm, we were able to truly lock down the best tailored pants for women. Our handy algorithm factors in best-selling buzz, editor picks and real user reviews to bring you the best of the best and save you tons of time searching on Google. Keep scrolling to find the best tailored pants for women that you’ll want to add to cart, stat. 

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August 18, 2021

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The Rankings

Open Edit Tie Cuff Casual Pants
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Open Edit Tie Cuff Casual Pants

LOVED FOR: The adorable cinched bow ties along the ankle to give this pair of pants a wearable and on-trend detail. 

WHY YOU NEED IT: These tailored trousers allow you to add a bit of pizazz and personality to your business look, when it’s possible to do so. Plus, they’re perfect for wearing all year round. 

NONchalant Fabi Wide Leg Pant

WHERE TO WEAR: These trousers are perfect for meeting a business-casual dress code without looking stuffy. They’re also great for a day on the town, too.

STYLE WITH: Pair with a white button down shirt for a timeless and easy, everyday look.

Reformation Vesta Pant

THINGS TO KNOW: Ideal for sporting a menswear-inspired outfit, these tailored trousers are fitted at the waist and flare-out from the mid-thigh down to the ankle.

STYLE WITH: This wide-leg pant pairs perfectly with strappy heels or white boots. 

SheIn Solid High Rise Tailored Pants

BEST FOR: Don't want to break the bank? We suggest you try these reviewer-loved pants.

USER REVIEW: “You need these pants! I'm ordering other colors right now!! They are gorgeous!”

H&M Wide-Cut Side-Slit Pants

THINGS TO KNOW: These high-waisted, straight-legged pants are a blend of linen, polyester and viscose so they’re super breathable and not heavy.

HELPFUL TIP: If you’re petite or have a short frame, consider pairing these side-slit pants with a pair of heels to avoid dragging on the ground. 

LPA Carlotta Pant

WHY YOU NEED IT: This tailored dress pant features a feminine fit that flatters your waistline.

WHERE TO WEAR: Pair these crepe fabric pants with a sleeveless blouse or silky statement top and you’re ready for any semi-formal engagement, weddings and company dinners included. 

Express High Waisted Pleated Wide Leg Pant

BEST FOR: Looking to make a statement? Meet your new favorite go-to dress pants.

USER REVIEW: “I love the style of these pants. They’re very girl-boss vibes. However, they're extremely long. I’m 5’4, but I can still manage by wearing heels with them.”

Levi's Tailor High Loose Taper Pants

BEST FOR: Say hello to the pant you'll be wearing on a weekly basis. 

WHY YOU NEED IT: They’re not jeans, but they’re not slacks, but these tailored pants sort of meet in the middle, in the best way. Plus, the wide belt helps to cinch in and define the waist.  

Madewell Drapey Pleated Wide-Leg Pants

LOVED FOR: This lightweight dressy pant is perfect for spring and summer and can easily transition into the fall season as well. 

USER REVIEW: “These pants are beautiful, light weight and summery, and exceptionally flattering. They work well if you’re going for a 30’s-Katherine-Hepburn look and they can easily be paired with a T-shirt for something more modern. I like that they work very well with both heels and flats and the color is lovely.”

Everlane The Put-Together Pleat Pant

LOVED FOR: This pleated pant looks flattering on every body type and size. Just skim through the reviews if you're skeptical. 

USER REVIEW: “These pants are so flattering, they make your backside look incredible without being form fitting, and they are so ridiculously versatile. I haven't found anything that doesn't go with it.” 

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