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Top 10 Hair Oils

A Breakdown Of The 10 Best Hair Oils For Every Budget And Concern

A Breakdown Of The 10 Best Hair Oils For Every Budget And Concern

Our Top 10 Lists help shoppers quickly and easily find what they need. Using an intense review and approval process (which you can learn more about here), we break down the best products according to what consumers most commonly search for and want.

Hair oil can be intimidating, mainly because we want our locks to look glistening and hydrated—not greasy and sticky. However, you should know that applying a little bit of oil will not only keep your hair looking and feeling fresh, but it will also help prevent frizz and tangles, add major softness shine, and even protect against heat and UV damage. You've just got to find the formula that's right for you.

If you want to enhance shine, carrier oils like olive oil, carrot oil, and jojoba oil will be helpful. On the other hand, those who like to style their hair using hot tools should reach for silicone-infused products—this is because silicones form a barrier and prevent direct heat damage. Using cold-pressed castor or coconut oil as an overnight treatment will benefit thicker or curly hair types. Have fine, flyaway-prone hair? A light, almost-invisible oil can add to your hair's luster and keep strands in place without weighing them down.

Ahead, we've rounded up all that and more in our list of the best hair oils on the web. Whether you've got frizzy waves that need definition and shine or split ends that need serious repair, look no further than the list below.

How We Found The Best Hair Oils

To round up this list, we turned to the help of our data-driven algorithm. This unique tool finds and ranks the best products out there by factoring in best-seller lists, editor recommendations, rave reviews, and more. Scroll on to discover the 10 formulas that made the cut and add one to your routine ASAP.

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October 28, 2021

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