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Top 10 Hair Straightening Brushes

Meet The Tool Will Will Straighten Your Hair In Record Time

Meet The Tool Will Will Straighten Your Hair In Record Time

Time is of the essence, especially when getting ready in the morning. Enter: hair straightening brushes. Quicker and more effective than flat irons, the straightening brush is a safer (for hair, scalp, and fingers) alternative to that iron clamp of fire you’ve been using for so many years. And did you know some can even do the job of a blow dryer? A tool that dries and straightens all in one, what’s not to love? Ideal for the person who’s perpetually late due to bad hair days or fed up with burning their skin or just looking for a better styling option that delivers smooth hair without frizz, a straightening brush is the way to go. Since we all have things to do today and can’t be spending hours trying to harness our mane, we used our algorithm to compile a list of the top-rated and best-selling brushes on the market. Whether you're in search of one that's ideal to use on fine hair or will heat up in record time, the below tools are perfect for all user levels and hair types. So, if you're in need of a straightening brush you can trust to keep your hair looking great for hours on end, look no further than the following Top 10! Opening image: @thedrybar

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April 10, 2020

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The Rankings

InfinitiPro by Conair Dry & Style Hot Air Paddle Brush
Rank & Style Approved


InfinitiPro by Conair Dry & Style Hot Air Paddle Brush

WHAT IT DOES: Heat-activated silicone bristles help to add shine and reduce frizz for hair that stays silky-smooth all day long. 

USERS SAID: "I had the Revlon paddle hot air brush for about a year (before it broke,) & I honestly like this one better! It’s easier to hold, less bulky, & less loud! All the air comes down instead of out the side, which is another reason I like this one better. It dries my hair faster. Plus, it’s half the price!"

Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush 2.0

WHAT IT DOES: Negative ions work to lock in moisture so you're left with softer, shinier, and smoother locks.

USERS SAID: "If you’re looking for a way to straighten your hair with ease and in a flash, this is the hairstyling tool for you! As someone who doesn’t have a lot of free time, every second counts. This makes straightening your hair as easy as running a brush through your hair because that is literally what you’re doing! Plus, it heats up to the target temperature in record time, so there’s not a moment wasted. [...]"

Glamfields Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

LOVED FOR: A super quick heat-up time, 12-heat settings, and infrared rays that lock in moisture and kick out dullness make this loved by over 1,000 reviewers.

FUN FACT: This hair straightening brush comes with a heat resistant glove so your hands stay burn-free!

Instyler STRAIGHT UP Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush

BEST FOR: Those a little nervous about the heat—cool tip bristles make sure the salon-worthy heat stays in your hair and away from your scalp.

WHY YOU NEED IT: The consistent heat throughout the brush means less time spent styling and more time spent living your life.

CNXUS Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

WHAT IT DOES: This brush uses ceramic bristles to straighten hair while protecting scalp.

USERS SAID: “Love it! It works great! I have thick, layered hair...This helps so much and it’s so much faster than a regular straightener!

COOLKESI Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

BEST FOR: With 15 different heat settings, this pick is ideal for styling all different hair types. 

FUN FACT: This brush will heat up within 30 seconds. 

Drybar The Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush

LOVED FOR: The paddle brush is designed to give your hair body while it straightens.

WHY YOU NEED IT: Do you desire sleek, smooth, board-straight strands? Drybar's brush features ionic technology to seal the hair cuticle for a no-frizz look from root to tip.

TYMO Hair Straightener Brush

FUN FACT: This straightening brush comes with a heat-protectant glove, styling pins, and a travel bag!

HELPFUL TIP: Up the softness of your hair by adding a little extra moisture for your mane the night before straightening.

MiroPure Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush

BEST FOR: Everyone. This bad boy will straighten the curliest hair in record time!

LOVED FOR: Its travel-friendly to-go bag, user-friendly swivel cord, and auto temperature lock make this brush a failproof choice.

Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler

WHY YOU NEED IT: Detangles, dries, and straightens hair in one easy-to-use tool. It doesn’t get better than that!

COMPLETE THE LOOK: With some no-crease hair ties, for when you need a pony but want to keep those silky locks straight for as long as possible

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