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Top 10 Hair Tool Organizers

Make Managing Your Hair Tools As Easy As Possible With These Top-Rated Organizers

Make Managing Your Hair Tools As Easy As Possible With These Top-Rated Organizers

Our Top 10 Lists help shoppers quickly and easily find what they need. Using an intense review and approval process (which you can learn more about here), we break down the best products according to what consumers most commonly search for and want.

Most of us style our hair on a daily basis, and doing so usually requires a boost from styling tools. Over time, a growing collection of hair dryers, curling irons, and smaller items like sprays and brushes can lead to clutter. If you're starting to feel like your counter is getting hectic, investing in an organizing system is essential. Whether you’re tight on space or looking for a tidy way to store all of your tools, there are plenty of solutions to your organizing woes. 

Enter: hair tool organizers. These handy systems allow for easy access to the tools you reach for most often. Designed to save you space, you can mount them on the wall, keep them in the corner of your counter or vanity, or even hang them on cabinet doors. Regardless of where they’re placed, they guarantee that bulky tools and cords will stay neatly stored and out of the way. 

Ahead, take a look at the 10 best hair tool organizers ranked and discovered by our data-driven algorithm. From aesthetically pleasing picks to options ideal for the maximalist, there's something on the list for every beauty collection and budget.

Our Method For Finding The Best Hair Tool Organizers

Factoring in user reviews, best-seller lists, editor recommendations, and social media buzz, our data-driven algorithm scoured the inventories of several retailers to compile a ranking of the best hair tool organizers out there. From heat-resistant mesh to countertop-compatible finds, keep scrolling to shop the Top 10 hair tool organizers on the web.

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July 16, 2021

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The Rankings

Doramii Bathroom Wall Mounted Hair Care & Styling Tool Organizer
Rank & Style Approved


Doramii Bathroom Wall Mounted Hair Care & Styling Tool Organizer


WHY YOU NEED IT: Available in three chic finishes, this wall-mounted organizer comes with four compartments that allow for easy storage of hair tools and brushes. Plus, it has stainless steel cups that prevent rusting and keep tools separated. 

THINGS TO KNOW: Thanks to open compartments, this organizer allows hair tools to cool quickly. 

Saloniture Tabletop Hair Iron & Blow Dryer Holder


WHAT IT DOES: Designed for tabletops, this portable hair organizer has space for up to six hair tools. Even better? It supplies its very own power source so that you can use your tools any time, anywhere.

USER REVIEW: "Literally what was I doing with my life before this was on my vanity? Burning myself and burning the furniture, I suppose. This is the most amazing beauty product I've ever purchased, and I'm not kidding! If you use curling irons and/or straighteners, this is definitely for you! I even take it on vacations because I don't trust the hotels to have decent outlets!"

Spectrum Diversified Grid Wide Hair Station Basket


LOVED FOR: This clever organizer has hooks that allow for over-the-cabinet or over-the-door storage. Designed with a basket and dedicated compartments, you'll have plenty of space to store your hair tools and brushes.

WHO IT'S FOR: Starting college or moving into your first apartment? This space-saving organizer will free up real estate and make your new home feel a tad bit roomier.

Saloniture Tabletop Blow Dryer & Hair Iron Holder


WHY YOU NEED IT: Designed to store blow dryers and curling irons, this all-in-one countertop organizer features three power outlets and a sleek shape that takes up minimal space.

USER REVIEW: “This thing makes my life about 10 times easier. Since my beauty tools live in/on a vanity table, this frees up drawer space, and now I don't have to twist and bend my cords in a way that's damaging to my tools.”

Jack Cube Design Hair Dryer Holder


WHY YOU NEED IT: Made with varying-sized compartments, this organizer offers plenty of space to store big and small tools alike. And if you ask us, it's one of the sleekest in the bunch.

USER REVIEW: "This thing is rad. It's thoughtfully designed, with metal liners in the holes so you can put away your styling tools while they’re still warm without burning down the house. It's sturdy and makes great use of space. You can pack A LOT of products and tools in there. And it looks neat and clean!"

mDesign Over Door Bathroom Hair Care & Hot Styling Tool Organizer


WHY YOU NEED IT: Free up even more counter space with this hanging organizer that’s perfect for small bathrooms. Featuring a small basket compartment, you can easily hide your bulky tools and cords inside your bathroom cabinet with this organizer. 

THINGS TO KNOW: Thanks to the steel design, you can store your tools in this organizer even while they're still hot.

Threshold Hair Tools Organizer


WHAT IT DOES: Designed with hidden magnets, this organizer keeps your tools and brushes secure, so you'll never lose or misplace them again.

USER REVIEW: "I use the magnets even more than I thought I would, and the whole thing is definitely sturdy enough to hold all my hair tools. It came in great condition, and I have no complaints!"

Command Hair Dryer Holder


WHO IT'S FOR: Designed for wall damage-free hanging, this organizer is perfect for those that want a designated spot for their dryer.

THINGS TO KNOW: This organizer can withstand wet or humid conditions, which means it's totally safe to hang in bathrooms.

mDesign Metal Hair Care & Styling Tool Organizer


WHAT IT DOES: This sleek organizer is made with durable steel wire that allows you to store hair tools even while they’re still hot.

USER REVIEW: “Perfect size for me! It's sturdy and holds my dryer, straightener, and curling iron beautifully inside my rather small cabinet and makes each very easy to get to. Love the little basket bottom to contain cord ends.”

Polder Style Station


WHAT IT DOES: This organizer has heat-resistant mesh that helps tools cool down faster once you’re done using them.

USERS SAID: “This stand is great. I can put my hot flat iron or curling iron in it and not worry about anything (including myself) getting burned. I can't say how many times I accidentally touched a hot iron on my small sink while getting ready.”

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